Are there advertisements that set your teeth on edge?

In your rambles through print media, online media, or social media, do you see ads again and again that make you wish you could un-see them?  Are there ads you are sick and tired of seeing every day with zero changes?

Well there are a couple of ads which I literally see nearly every day when I read my print Wall Street Journal.  They are both for non-profit organizations which I would never support, because they are far-left.  And the organizations never change their advertising.  An organization that has no interest in any kind of innovation, including their advertising, totally turns me off, and makes me more likely to speak poorly of them, and never support them.

The first one is by Habitat for Humanity, a charity which helps low-earning families build their own houses.  That’s actually a worthy cause, except for the fact that they have been damaged by publicity detailing all the problems their beneficiaries have with shoddy construction.  The tagline of this ad also makes me say “…at whose expense?.”


That’s a cute little girl, but I am sick of seeing her.  And does everyone really “deserve” a decent place to live?  That is the question.

This ad is actually the worst.  It is for Doctors Without Borders, a medical charity that sends doctors to less-developed countries and disasters.  I have come to hate this man’s face.

DoctorsWithoutBorders Ad

Donate?  Nope!

Which ads would you be happy never seeing again?

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