The destination for our road trip was Boise, Idaho.  It had been a while since we had been there (2013).  The convention hotel was located in the center of downtown Boise, and during the conference we didn’t venture very far outside the hotel.  I did notice a few interesting items in the vicinity, however.


This sign was on the outside of the Boise Centre, where the conference was held.

This was also on the outside of the building.  There was a whole mural of these neon lights, which moved and changed color all the time.


This is the tallest building in Idaho.  Idaho is a very low-rise state, which is refreshing.


The neon on the corners changes color, too.  Speaking of low-rise:


These fields are west of Boise.


As are these.

Fall colors abounded in and near the city.


We moved hotels for the last night, since our original place was full.  There was a crabapple tree outside the front entrance.


Saturday night, we went out for dinner with friends.  It turned out that downtown had blocked off some streets for a Halloween party, with lots of young people parading around in costumes.  I saw a couple of witches having drinks.


Everyone seemed to be having a fun time.

My readers will know my fascination with fountains.  These are in front of the Grove Hotel where the convention was held.


I liked Idaho.  I could see moving there.  I’m sure we’ll be going back sometime in the next few years.

One thought on “Idaho

  1. accordion2ray

    The Halloween party goers were not scary to be around. I’m not talking about their costumes. They were enjoying themselves in a healthy way. We never felt threatened. Don’t try this in Portland.

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