Common Sense: Perhaps the most significant result of Communist China’s Zero Covid policy

Most of us are familiar with Communist Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping’s “Zero Covid” policy.  This policy involves an attempt to eliminate the Covid virus by mass-testing and confining populations in any area where even one “case” or positive test appears.  entire cities have been locked down and tested if one resident tests positive for the virus, even without symptoms.  In the news today over at The Epoch Times, even more Chinese cities and districts are being locked down for testing and treatment of even one case.  The linked story details how residents are no longer meekly submitting to being locked in their homes and facing lack of food and money, but are fleeing their homes before the lockdown starts.

I have been doing some thinking about the lockdown and test policy, and it seems to me that this policy of not allowing the Chinese population to be exposed to the virus may have a large adverse effect on China.  If a population has not been exposed to any potentially injurious disease, they will not develop any resistance to it at all.  We all are aware of the smallpox and syphilis epidemics that decimated the American Indians when Europeans came over in the 16th and 17th centuries.  Well, Xi Jinping is helping to ensure that, once the virus really escapes in Communist China (which it must, given that it cannot be seen), his people will be more likely to get sick, and die of a disease that doesn’t have a high mortality rate, even for the elderly who are at highest risk.  The substandard Communist Chinese medical system will be more overwhelmed than the Italian one was in 2020 when the virus first appeared.

I think this is a very good example of the characteristic of all Communist systems.  They do not care one bit about any individual life, and are happy to let their people die in the furtherance of their quest for absolute power and control.  However, the fact that Xi Jinping is already throttling their private economy in the interest of more State control, indicates that he is willing to kill the goose that has laid millions of “golden eggs” for the Communist Chinese economy.  The CCP refuses to see that the Zero Covid policy is doing more harm than good for China, and I think he is about to get a rude awakening.  The Prime Directive in Communist China is Social Control, and the fact that the formerly meek citizens are now refusing to be locked down, may spell the beginning of a very difficult period for the CCP.  Let’s hope so.

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