Amid worldwide food shortages, Washington State farmers are being asked to take land out of food production. By Solar Energy companies.

This advertisement appears in my new edition of the Washington State University Magazine.  I graduated from WSU in 1971, and it is the state’s Agriculture University, established by a Morrill Act land grant in the 19th Century.  As are most colleges, WSU is as woke as it gets.  I no longer donate to my alma mater for this reason.  The ad below is horrifying to me.  It tells me that the college is in favor of taking productive farm and pasture land out of food production, in favor of solar farms to feed power into an increasingly-unreliable electric grid.  Please note the long list of restrictions on the land, and the weasel-words on the income the farmer could receive if he leases to the solar company.

Ad-Lease your farm to Solar Farm

Yes, let’s just take farms and ranches out of producing food, contributing to the coming worldwide food shortages.  I wonder what kind of verbal pitches these solar farm hucksters are using on the wheat farmers and ranchers of Eastern Washington, whose grains, vegetables, meat, and wine are feeding people all over the country and the world.  I hope those farmers and ranchers throw the hucksters out on their ears.

Our Dictator, Jay Inslee, is behind this sort of thing.

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