Early snow in Western Washington

Today, just as forecasted, we got our first snowfall of the winter.  It’s really early for our area, and so far the snow isn’t very heavy. Of course, the first thing I did this morning was get out my trusty iPhone and go out in the backyard to get some pictures.


This is the east side of the yard.


That’s the bird-bath on the south side.  I love how the glass ball that normally floats in the water has a tiny cap of snow.  Can you see the tracks of a bird who attempted to land on the frozen water?

These features are along the east fence.  I think my next-door neighbor should put lights on the top of the tree just on her side of the fence.  It looks just like a Christmas tree to me.


The snowy irises are on the west side of the yard, next to the mini-forest.

A bit later, I went out the front door to see how our porch, plants, and street looked in their blanket of snow.


This Viburnum bush is right outside the front door.  You can just see the trunk of one of our big cedar trees on the left.


This is our little pear tree, which still has quite a few leaves left on it.  I love how the leaves aren’t all one color, but range from yellow, to brown, to red.

And finally, here are some of the birds who visited our suet feeders this morning.

On the left is our red-breasted nuthatch.  He stayed like that, without moving, for at least a full minute.  On the right is our Townsend’s Warbler, who just loves that hot-pepper suet.

Below are links to two Rumble videos I uploaded today, of the backyard and all the birds that visited.  I hope you enjoy them, and join Number (it’s free) so you can like and comment.

Backyard snow with birds.

Snowy bird feeders, watch the warbler.

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