Jeff Duchin, King County Head Health Nazi, can go Pound Sand

We predicted this.  The Health Nazis who run the lives of the people in King County, Western Washington, will NEVER let us return to the way life was before the Covid “scamdemic”.  We knew from mid-2020 that the issue was control of the public.  Once again, the Health Nazis are “recommending” that everyone wear a face diaper when indoors in public.  Here’s the money quote.  Emphasis mine.

We can’t say how high this surge will go,” King County Public Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin stated. “We don’t anticipate it’ll cause as many deaths or hospitalizations as past surges, but it may cause a substantial number that are preventable.”

He said he never stopped recommending indoor masking. Unlike Los Angeles County which is set to reinstate an indoor mask mandate, Duchin says it’s too soon to do that here.

Yeah, right.  They are recommending masking NOW, but next week will come the reinstated mandate, because they cannot allow the public to make its own decisions about protecting themselves.  Regardless of the fact that these supposed “experts” already know that masks do not protect anyone from anything, they will still double down on their mask “recommendations” and mandates.

Well, NO, 1000 Times NO.  Public, you must strenuously resist all further efforts by the government to control your behavior.

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