Seattle is finally, irretrievably lost.

In two stories, I can show you how.  The first story involves a Seattle City Council member, and her decision not to run again in 2023 when her term is up.  Here is the quote from Lisa Herbold.  Emphasis mine.

“My choice is because I love and honor the work the progressive left has done in Seattle and I don’t want to do anything that makes it less likely for a non-progressive to be elected to represent the great District 1,” she said.

So, even were there a less-than-progressive candidate who wished to subject themselves to the vitriol certain to be thrown at them if running in Seattle, the current candidate vows to make it more difficult before she is even out of office.  

Strike One.

The other story concerns the efforts in the city and King County to “solve” the problem of expanding homelessness.  The viewpoint of most in the city is that this can be ameliorated with social services; but those social services are not mandatory, and street people are allowed, possibly encouraged, to remain on the street if they turn down the city’s offers of help.  Just the story title, including the phrase “expand homeless outreach” gives you a pretty good idea of what is coming.   Here’s a quote.

“When you have one team for the entire city there’s only so many places that you can address at once,” Strauss said. “We need to get to the point where we have the same workers attending to the same locations week after week. With the citywide team, you might have different staff coming to the same location week after week, and you can’t tell if things have gotten better, have they gotten worse and how to really best address what is happening on the street.”

Nothing is actually mentioned about getting the people off the street, just sending outreach workers to locations week after week.  Why does this sound like increasing amounts of taxpayer money wasted.  Does anyone really think this approach will reduce homelessness?  This is why I believe that Seattle is irretrievably lost.  R.I.P. Livable Seattle.

One thought on “Seattle is finally, irretrievably lost.

  1. accordion2ray

    The only thing that will get these people out of being homeless is getting off drugs. I’m sure most of the homeless are aware of their own problem, and they understandably resist half-hearted attempts to accept help or get treatment, because it’s embarassing. I think there are a lot of people who would rather point the finger of blame anywhere else and would prefer to die rather than admit a personal failing.

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