Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #229: Perfect Patterns

I’m always on the lookout for patterns in the natural, and man-made world around me.  And I am always thankful for my trusty iPhone 13 Pro which is always with me to capture intriguing patterns, since you can never know when something will catch the eye.  Yesterday afternoon, I had a bit of shopping to do at our local mall.  It was raining lightly, and I noticed that my favorite fountains were turned off for the season.  I took this photo, simply because I have always loved the design of these natural-stone features.  It wasn’t until I returned home and uploaded the photos to my computer that I noticed the patterns of raindrops on the water in the fountain!


Not only do the levels of stone fountain make circles-in-circles, so do the patterns of raindrops on the surfaces of the water. 

Wind made these patterns in the sand at Cape May, New Jersey.


Tree ring patterns can be analyzed by scientists to figure out what the climatic conditions were in the far past, and what internal or external stresses caused the tree to grow more or less in any given year.

Speaking of trees, even petrified trees show the same kind of bark patterns they did when they were alive, millions of years ago.


In the past few years, I have found some excellent upholstery patterns that look very modern, and quite beautiful.  Is it a coincidence that both were found in medical facilities?

This is the surface of a swimming pool on a cruise-ship.  The patterns that the wind makes on the water are very relaxing to look at.

Shiny water-like silk

Speaking of water, humans and nature combine to make one of my favorite patterns, the wake of a ship.  It will show you where the ship has been, and the path it took to get there.

Some of my other favorite patterns are again a combination of human and nature.  That would be stacks of various vegetables at supermarkets.  The humans take a great deal of effort in arranging their produce just so.  And I’m betting we have all contemplated disturbing that regularity, at one time or another.  But we don’t.

And finally, I have always loved the rows of flowers in the Spring in the Skagit Valley.  The daffodils bloom first, and then the tulips.  The rows are also an exercise in perspective!

Skagit Daffodils



Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Here’s the Link to Ann-Christine’s Original Post for this week.  And Tina’s too!

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