Let’s make this suggestion go viral: Donald Trump as Speaker of the House of Representatives

From what Attorney Robert Barnes said this morning (VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com), the House Speaker does NOT have to be a Member of the House of Representatives.  So, the Republican-majority House in January can vote Mr. Trump in as Speaker.  In that office, he could embark on a whole slew of actions, including hold up horrible legislation like the “Omnibus” spending bill just passed; visit Ukraine to broker a peace deal; initiate investigations of the FBI, CIA, CDC, and more federal agencies for their actions during the Covid crisis and the censorship of conservatives on social media, etc., etc.  Barnes suggests that Mr. Trump could be Speaker for, say, 100 days, and get so much started that the Leftist media and “managerial class” would totally melt down.

I absolutely LOVE this idea, and if I had a Republican representative I would tell him to start the ball rolling.  I really admire Mr. Barnes, and I support his Locals channel ($70/year).  It’s the best-spent $70 I have done this year, and I urge my followers to do the same.  He and Viva Frei run live-streams nearly daily, and the live chat is always spirited and quite civil.

So, let’s Do It!  We oppressed of America need to start something big, so we don’t get rolled-over by the Establishment (both parties) in DC.

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