Kitty-Cat Christmas (with memes)

It’s that time of year again, for those with cats to put up their tree, while simultaneously trying to find ways to keep the cat (s) from tearing everything down.  Different families come up with different ways to do that.  We don’t have a tree, so we don’t have to worry about Kikyo tearing everything down.  Since our mantels are already stuffed with items, here’s how we display our Christmas cards every year.

2022 cards-12-21

That’s the door to our garage.  We hang a piece of holiday wrapping paper on it, then tape up all the cards we receive.  That display stays up all year long, adding a bit of festivity to the house.


Since we don’t have a tree, we do something else for Kikyo on Christmas.  Here’s a video from last year of her fishing all the treats out of her toy box.


If we had a tree, I’ll bet Kikyo would try to get up there!


Merry Christmas to all my owned-by-a-cat readers and followers!

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