Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is the face of the DemocRat Party

This is the face of the DemocRat Party, the party of:


The Ku Klux Klan

Jim Crow

Bull Connor with his ravening dogs

Segregated schools in the South


The Great Depression

This is California Representative Maxine Waters, who vowed to “take out” President Donald Trump and his supporters.  Maxine Waters has incited her supporters to real violence, insisting that they harass her political opponents in public places, “get in their faces,” and otherwise make the lives of law-abiding citizens miserable.  This old, black woman has been in Congress for 32 years, and has very little to show for it.  She shamelessly engages in nepotism, giving her daughter millions of dollars in government contracts.

This is the face of the Democrat Party.  Do you really think that party has your best interests at heart?  I don’t think so.  Look at the picture above, and tell me if you think this DemocRat holds you in contempt.  It sure looks like it to me.  She’s the one who deserves contempt.

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