On this, the second anniversary of his death, mourn the Great Rush Limbaugh.

I took more than a moment of silence this morning, to remember My Hero, the Great Rush Limbaugh, who was taken from us on this day in 2021.  We who loved him never even thought of him as mortal.  We just assumed that he would be around for as long as we were.  We all felt privileged to be able to listen to his humor and wisdom for three hours every weekday.  So it hit us all like a sledgehammer, when he announced that he had been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  I think everyone can imagine that empty feeling in the pit of the stomach, sometimes described as “sick apprehension”, when we get bad news.  And this was the worst kind of bad news.

I remember talking to Rush in 2005, and he was such a gracious host.  I knew he had had a couple of Abyssinian cats, and I had one too in the past.  I found this photo, and just grinned.  I called it “Fuzzballs”, after his always calling himself a harmless, lovable, little fuzzball.

Rush Limbaugh and Punkin
Loveable little Fuzzball (s)

And, really Rush’s voice will never be silenced, since he recorded podcasts of most of his shows from the very beginning.  I have every one since I started listening in 2001, and I can go back and listen any time I want to.  And his TV shows remain available on YouTube, at least until the Evil Google decides not to let them stay around.  So I can get my Rush fix whenever I need a dose of the Mayor of Realville.

So, today I shed a few more tears, and mourn my Hero, the Great Rush Limbaugh.  May his memory linger forever.

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