A benefit of being on Twitter

Yes, I have become a frequent Twit, spending way too much time on the site.  There is actually a fair bit of breaking news to be found on Twitter, and a lot of great humor.  Anyone who lived through the 1970s will remember the TV show, All in the Family, with curmudgeon Archie Bunker in constant conflict with his daughter, and her “Meathead” husband, played by Rob Reiner.  Well, Mr. Reiner is about as Crazy-Ass-Leftist as anyone else on Twitter, and his galloping case of Trump-Derangement Syndrome is always front-and-center.

Well, the mass of Twitter-users have gotten back at Old Rob in some very funny ways.  His constant anti-Trump tweets are heavily re-tweeted, and mocked every time.  Someone got really good with the PhotoShop, and posted this doctored photo.  I warn my readers, you simply can’t Un-see this one!


Either you laugh yourself silly, or are horrified!

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