A Case of Covid Madness

The world seems to be actually getting back to normal, after the three years of government and Health Nazi overreach.  Jibby-jab mandates have been lifted most places, including the most-Nazified King County and Seattle.  There are, however, a number of pockets of madness remaining.  One is the self-proclaimed Dictator of our previously-pleasant state of Washington.  On a local radio program recently, he stated unequivocally, for all to hear, that he would not be giving up his Absolute Power, otherwise known as the “Emergency Declaration” which he issued back in early 2020.  The Dictator still maintains the Jibby-jab Mandate for State employees, and for the medical sector, as well as maintaining the absolutely useless mask mandate for that sector.  Our Dictator ignores the real Science, like the recent study showing that masks are useless in preventing transmission of respiratory viruses.  He doesn’t care about the Science, but he does follow the CDC, even when IT ignores the real science.

Another pocket of Covid Madness is the psyche of a large part of the public in Western Washington.  If you go to any retail store, office building, shopping mall, or indoor space, you will still see nearly half of the people wearing masks.  The Health Nazis have been so successful in brainwashing the residents of Western Washington, that even when all mandates are lifted, they still wear their dehumanizing masks.  It’s quite popular around here for people to wear those masks that look like a cup over the face, which I find absolutely ridiculous-looking.  These people were spotted at a chamber music concert a couple of weekends ago.


Do they not look absolutely ridiculous?  I pity them, actually.  They have swallowed the Kool-Aid, and may never give up their face-diapers.  And the worst kind of Covid madness became evident to me last week, when I went into my local Costco store to pick up some items for home.  I had noticed the day before at the pharmacy, that they had removed the high Plexiglass shields around the pharmacy counter (which never did any good since there was open air all around!), and the clerk said she was happy about it.  The most recent day, however, the checkout clerk a checkout counter told me he was a bit angry, because when the store removed the shields around all the checkout aisles, many employees quit!  Yes, many Costco employees were so upset that they would have to see their customers face-to-face, that they up and quit their jobs!  Now, what does that say to you?  To me, it shows that numerous ordinary people were so brainwashed by the Health Nazis, that they are simply unable to return to a normal life.  Those poor employees may never work in the retail sector again, as most businesses have removed all the stupid, useless barriers between employees and customers.  Costco is a very well-respected employer, who pays their clerks more than most stores, and has excellent benefits besides.  These people are so afraid of the Big Bad Virus that they will simply fail to ever live normal lives.

That, to me, is the ultimate Covid Madness.

One thought on “A Case of Covid Madness

  1. “…they are simply unable to return to a normal life.” – Such cases are few and far between here in North Texas but…while out on my walks I still see one particular jogger doing just that while wearing a mask (over his mouth only…needs to breath after all). Yes, he gets a barely hidden eye-roll from me EVERY time.

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