Calling All Citizens of the State of Washington: Defy Tyranny, Resist the Mandatory Wearing of Masks Outside the Home

The governor of the state of Washington, “Sleepy” Jay Dimslee, has issued a Proclamation, making it mandatory that ALL citizens wear face-covering masks whenever outside their homes.  This Edict applies to all citizens over the age of Two Years.  The Penalty for being caught without a mask over your face is a Misdemeanor Citation; as in, you will have a Criminal Record.  And the duration of this Edict is: Until there is a Vaccine against the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus.  Anyone willing to bet on when that might be? 18 months?  Two years?

There are some exceptions to this Mandate.  People with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask are exempt, as are those actually eating in a restaurant.  Those are the only two exemptions.

Now, you parents out there, how many of you think you will be able to make your three- and four-year-old children wear a mask?  And what will you be teaching your children?  Why, you will be teaching them to FEAR Other People!  No, Johnny, when we go out to visit Aunt Mary, we all must wear masks so we don’t breathe Aunt Mary’s air.  Why?  Because we might catch a deadly disease from Aunt Mary.  Or She might catch a deadly disease from Us!

This unilateral Edict from the Holy Governor of the People of the State of Washington is not only unconstitutional (it is not a law passed by the legislature, and it has a criminal penalty, which is outside the jurisdiction of the Executive branch of government), it is practically unenforceable.  I wonder if local police and sheriffs will be happy about having to cite the thousands of Free Citizens of Washington for the crime of going outside the home unmasked.  How many Washington Citizens will be willing to add a new item of clothing to their daily wardrobe, and have to breathe in their own CO2 for at least another full year?

Not I, said the Free Citizen of Washington State.  I am not a Serf, bound to my Master in Olympia, and I will not comply.

Free Citizens, Join Me in Defying Tyranny!  Resist the Mask Mandate!  Stand up for your Constitutional Rights to Freely Assemble.

How are Homosexual Activists like Islamist Terrorists?

How are Homosexual Activists like Islamist Terrorists?

…and, for that matter, like most big Liberal groups and organizations.

If someone disagrees with them, or  seems to threaten them in any way, they try to (and sometimes do) destroy them. They can’t simply write an op-ed in the New York Times or Washington Post.  No, they undertake boycott campaigns against businesses which deny their services to same-sex “weddings” [see, Arlene’s Flowers and Memories Pizza].  They put up Facebook pages devoted to such boycotts (yes, there is really a Facebook page entitled Boycott Arlene’s Flowers, which I will not link to).  They file lawsuits, the intent of which is to drive out of business Christian small firms like the flower shop, bakery, and photographer who dare to not serve ceremonies which violate their religious beliefs.  They drive CEOs of tech companies out of their jobs, for supporting the peoples’ initiative affirming traditional marriage as the norm.

The homosexual activists’ latest target is the Boy Scouts of America.  For quite a while, the news has been of the strife within and outside of the BSA, relating to their rules against homosexual male leaders.  The homosexual lobby will not be appeased until the Boy Scouts, the majority of whose troops are sponsored by churches, agree to admit homosexual scouts and leaders.  Since this would violate the scouts’ pledge to remain “morally straight”, it puts the national and local leadership into quite a bind.  One of my fellow Ricochet members put it this way “The BSA fears the anger of the gay lobby more than it fears the anger of its membership and the churches”.  Yes, many parts of society these days fear the anger of the homosexual lobby.

Almost as much as people in the Middle East and elsewhere fear the anger of Islamist Terrorists like Islamic State, and Al Qaeda.  It is nearly impossible for any Muslim to leave Islam, because that puts a target on their back.  Apostates are regularly gunned down or otherwise murdered.  When they take over a place, the first thing the Islamic State terrorists do is murder Christians.  And, they are HERE, in the USA.  I’m betting you didn’t hear of what happened in Jersey City, NJ.  Get a load of this story.  If you dare to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, this is what happens to you.  Or this.

The reason?  Homosexuals, Muslims, and Liberals are that first, everything else later.  Liberal Jews often disparage the State of Israel, because their Liberal ideology urges them to support the so-called Palestinians over their own people.  Homosexuals are homosexual first, even “freedom-lover” later.  They are so invested in being thought “normal” that they will attempt to tear down civil society, starting with the institution of Marriage, moving on to the Boy Scouts, and … What’s next?  Religion, of course.  Muslims demand total obedience from their followers, and murder those who don’t conform.  If the world’s great religions teach that homosexual behavior is “an abomination unto the Lord”, well then those religions need to be brought to their knees.  And the homosexual lobby has made a good start at that.  

The big question is, who will stand up to them?  Not the leadership of the Catholic Church in Ireland, which stood by while the population voted overwhelmingly in favor of homosexual “marriage”.  Will you have the courage to stand up to the rabid homosexual lobby?  Will YOU?



My Congressional representative (?) is afraid of me

It occurred to me yesterday that I have not received ANY communications from the person who ostensibly represents me in Congress. He is, of course, a Democrat. He must come home to his district sometimes, but as far as I know, he has not scheduled any live events where he could actually SEE the people he is supposed to represent. Back in 2010, during the ObamaCare “debates”, I sent him an email letting him know of my views on the government taking over 1/6 of the US economy. The canned reply I received in return said, basically, I don’t care what you think, and I’ll vote in favor of it. At least twice, I have returned home from work, and found a voicemail on my phone, with a long, tiresome recording of a “teleconference” he held on the phone. Yep, my representative is actually afraid to deal with his constituents in person.
Does the man with the perpetual sneer (find a picture of Congressman Rick Larsen from the WA 2nd District) think that he might hear something he doesn’t want to hear, if he has to face a room full of real people? I’m thinking that’s the case. The trouble, however, is that the low-information voters in our district keep electing him.