My Congressional representative (?) is afraid of me

It occurred to me yesterday that I have not received ANY communications from the person who ostensibly represents me in Congress. He is, of course, a Democrat. He must come home to his district sometimes, but as far as I know, he has not scheduled any live events where he could actually SEE the people he is supposed to represent. Back in 2010, during the ObamaCare “debates”, I sent him an email letting him know of my views on the government taking over 1/6 of the US economy. The canned reply I received in return said, basically, I don’t care what you think, and I’ll vote in favor of it. At least twice, I have returned home from work, and found a voicemail on my phone, with a long, tiresome recording of a “teleconference” he held on the phone. Yep, my representative is actually afraid to deal with his constituents in person.
Does the man with the perpetual sneer (find a picture of Congressman Rick Larsen from the WA 2nd District) think that he might hear something he doesn’t want to hear, if he has to face a room full of real people? I’m thinking that’s the case. The trouble, however, is that the low-information voters in our district keep electing him.

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