Picking up Where Rush Left Off

Yeah, I’m way behind on my podcast listening.  The one I listened to today was the end of July sometime.  He recited a list of  “what the Democrat Party is”, entities and causes that many people don’t know were Dem strongholds.  He started with the ones that are most obvious in today’s news:

Black Lives Matter


New Black Panthers


Illegal immigrants

Occupy Wall Street


Striking the mention of God from their party platform

Transgender bathroom advocates

Pro “death panels” in ObamaCare

Pedophiles (Bill Clinton’s billionaire buddy)

Baby butchers of Planned Parenthood


And I thought of some that he didn’t mention:

The Ku Klux Klan


Felons (VA governor restores their civil rights so they can be a new Democrat voting bloc)

George Wallace, the famous segregationist of the 1960s

Homosexual activists who put small businesses out of business if they won’t participate in ceremonies that are against their religious beliefs

Stoners, pot-smokers, and other drug-users

Politicians who boast of destroying an entire industry (coal-mining) and putting thousands of workers out of jobs

High-speed trains to nowhere

Carbon taxes that increase the cost of living for everyone, especially the lower-earning people

Slavery-the congresspeople who opposed Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation were Democrats!

Something for all you millennials who vote Democrat without thinking, to think upon.

I’m having trouble corralling my thoughts on this week’s Supreme Court rulings

My brain seems to be a tangle of thoughts, concerns, and emotions, given the momentous rulings handed down by the nine Ivy League lawyers in black robes in Washington, D.C.  Over the experience of humanity, for the last 5,000 years of recorded human history, those nine people have in one stroke, deemed that two people of the same sex are entitled to describe their relationship as “marriage”.  The institution that has contributed the most to the survival of civilization; the family consisting of a married man and woman and their natural children, has now, in one fell swoop, been reduced to just another “lifestyle choice”. This decision, which overrules the express wishes of the people to define marriage as between one man and one woman (see Proposition 8 in California), changes the institution of marriage into a union of any two adults who want to call themselves “married”.  This promotes the lie that two men or two women are exactly equivalent to a man and a woman; what follows is that any children added to the relationship (NOT born to it, as that is impossible) have no need of a mother or father-two mommies or two daddies are just the same.  As Ryan Anderson says: “It makes the relationship more about the desires of adults than about the needs—or rights—of children.”

We have already seen the effects in states that have made homosexual “marriage” legal.  Christian small businesses forced to close their doors when they refused to serve homosexual “weddings”.  Christian adoption agencies forced to quit serving their communities when they attempted to uphold their religious beliefs by not placing children with homosexual couples.  So what’s next?  Christian and Jewish schools forced to close when they are not allowed to teach their students that homosexual behavior is wrong?  Churches and Synagogues stripped of their tax-exempt status if they decline to preside over homosexual “marriage” ceremonies?  Parents who home-school their own children forced to use the state-mandated curriculum that celebrates homosexual behavior?  Web sites of Christian or Social-conservative groups sued for “hate speech” of authors who post there?  The more-rapid bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare when homosexual “spouses” become eligible to collect on their “spouses'” accounts?  The removal from polite language of the terms “mother”,”father”, “husband”, “wife”?  Since most of this is already happening, expect it to accelerate.

Then, there’s the Obamacare ruling, where SIX Supreme Court justices agreed that words in plain language (“established by the state”) do not mean what they say in plain language.  If a court can simply deem that words do not, in fact, mean what they say, then no law, ever, will ever mean anything.  That ruling has completely upended the rule of Law in this country, in favor of the Rule of Lawyers.    What is now to stop anyone from challenging the wording of any law, claiming that its meaning is exactly opposite to what the law explicitly states?  In his dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia says: “The Court interprets §36B to award tax credits on both federal and state Exchanges. It accepts that the ‘most natural sense’ of the phrase ‘Exchange established by the State’ is an Exchange established by a State. (Understatement, thy name is an opinion on the Affordable Care Act!) Yet the opinion continues, with no semblance of shame, that ‘it is also possible that the phrase refers to all Exchanges—both State and Federal. (Impossible possibility, thy name is an opinion on the Affordable Care Act!)’”

Your Liberty has just been abridged even more than it was already by the totalitarians in the Obama Regulatory State.  Alexander Hamilton said, in Federalist No.1:

Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues and ending tyrants.

The “Affordable” Care Act, better known as Obamacare

It is said that if the lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court (King vs Burwell) goes against the government, the entire structure of Obamacare will collapse.  Have you given this some thought?  The complete title of the act that is meant to destroy the world’s best medical-care system was called the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”.  In it, the federal government mandated exactly which conditions all insurance companies are required to cover, including contraception at no charge to the patient, pregnancy, and pediatric dental work.  All persons in the US are required to carry one of the government-mandated policies, or pay a penalty (tax? shared responsibility payment?); all employers of over 50 employees are required to offer all their employees working over 30 hours a week medical insurance; and those who cannot afford the government-mandated coverage have been offered tax credits to help them pay for the medical insurance the government requires them to have.

The law plainly states that those tax credits apply to those people who buy coverage through an exchange (marketplace?), operated by THE STATE.  On its face, this does NOT include those states who decided not to set up their own, very complex, exchanges, who opted to throw their citizens onto the federal exchange, Healthcare.gov.  Well, in its infinite wisdom, the IRS, who administers those tax credits, determined that those people who use the federal government exchange, are indeed entitled to the tax credits.  Just what are those tax credits designed to do?  They are a way of making the VERY expensive, government-mandated, medical insurance, “affordable” to lower-earning households.  Basically, they take tax dollars from middle-income taxpayers who can afford the higher premiums, and direct them at those who cannot.  So, if the UnAffordable Care Act’s subsidies are determined by the Supreme Court to be ONLY applicable to citizens of states that run their own exchanges, all those citizens who live in “no-exchange” states would immediately have to pay full freight.  Might that make them, and you, really think about the effects of Obamacare?

Maybe, just maybe, the Affordable Care Act is manifestly NOT affordable.  Maybe those lower-earning households will get a taste of the real Affordable Care Act.  Maybe, those Obamacare supporters might become opponents when they actually have to pay for it themselves, instead of their neighbors paying for their policy.  Oh, and those big health-insurers, like Aetna and UnitedHealth, will regret going along with the Obama administration, when thousands of their policy-holders cancel the “insurance” that they can no longer afford.

Update: OTL* and Pelosi and Jonathan Gruber LIED to Get Obamacare Passed

Well, these people who wrote “Obamacare” think you are stupid.  Above is what one of the architects thinks of you.

Here’s what he said, on friendly MSNBC:

Remember what happened to George W. Bush around the war in Iraq?  “Bush Lied, People Died” was the liberal slogan, extensively pushed by the entire mainstream press.  Well, unless you had a friend or relative in the military, the Iraq war didn’t really affect you personally.

THIS ISSUE AFFECTS YOU PERSONALLY.  The average American will either lose his medical insurance altogether and have to BY LAW purchase a new, vastly more-expensive policy (with fewer providers and narrower networks), or will find his employer canceling their group policy and forcing you to the above result.  The Democrats in Congress, and the OTL Administration, lied to everyone, and pushed through the worst piece of legislation ever passed, destroying the world’s formerly best medical care system.  Just wait, it will hit you sooner or later.

The WORST part of this whole fiasco is the MAINSTREAM PRESS IS IGNORING IT.  The people who really need to know about this issue will remain ignorant, until the hammer hits them.  Please, followers, tell all your friends about this.  Send links to everyone you know, and maybe some you don’t know!



*Obama The Liar-see my previous post about this

Are you appalled at the VA scandal?

Most of us are.  But this ongoing scandal is a preview of what health care will be like under ObamaCare.  The VA health care system is, simply, Single Payer, right now.  Veterans are pretty much required to get all their health care through the VA system.  What does this lead to?  Rationing of services, reflected in the years-long waiting lists even to be seen, much less treated by a medical care provider.  It results in veterans who gave their service, and often parts of their bodies, in service to their country having to go without any care at all.  This is how we thank them for their service.  If you do not wish to be shunted into a system like this, you need to call your Congressmen and Senators and insist that they REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW.  Your Liberty, and maybe your LIFE, is at stake.

Let’s Do the Washington State Medicaid Math





The State of Washington was one of the Blue states that built their own ObamaCare Exchange, and wholeheartedly expanded their Medicaid program (with the admittedly temporary increase in Federal funding).  I recently read an article in my local Everett Herald newspaper, about a survey the legislature is contemplating, of state doctors about the effects of the Medicaid expansion on their practices.  It seems that a majority of state residents who signed up for “insurance” policies on the state exchange, signed up for Medicaid.  Per the article, about 450,000 adults have been added to the total of Medicaid recipients in Washington State, through the exchange.  The article said that, before the advent of ObamaCare, the Medicaid population in Washington State was 1,200,000 people (including adults and children).  The article also estimated that there are about 6,000 medical “providers” in the state of Washington.  About half of them accept Medicaid patients.

So let’s do the math.  At 1.2 million pre-ObamaCare Medicaid patients, with about 3,000 providers who accept Medicaid patients, that amounts to about 400 (yes, 400!) patients per Medicaid-accepting provider.  Now, add to that patient load, the ADDITIONAL 450,000 adults newly Medicaid-eligible, and you get, for each provider who accepts Medicaid patients, an additional 150 patients.  Can ANY medical provider handle 550 patients?  And how many doctors would want a practice that consisted entirely of Medicaid patients?  So you see the problem here.  My guess is that already-overloaded doctors would cease to accept any additional Medicaid patients, given that each one brings many additional hours of aggravation with Federal and State paperwork, and low reimbursement rates.  And the newly-eligible patients, when they start to look for a doctor, will find many doors closed to them, and interminably long waits for doctors who will accept new Medicaid patients.  The State gets lots of warm fuzzies about their generosity in expanding their Medicaid rolls to the formerly-uninsured; but have they really contemplated the perhaps-unintended results?  Maybe, along with doing a survey of doctors, they should do a survey of the newly-“insured”.  Ask them if they have found a doctor yet.  Or how long they expect to have to wait for an appointment.

I can see the possible consequences.  Overloaded doctors, frustrated patients unable to find any provider willing to see them, long lines in free clinics and emergency rooms.  I just wonder how long it will take for governments, Federal and State, to mandate that doctors accept Medicaid as a condition of keeping their medical licenses.  That might just be the last straw that completely collapses our previously superb medical care system in the United States.  Thanks loads, OTL and Democrats (remember, ObamaCare was passed without a single Republican vote).

Question About ObamaCare

IF many US citizens are:

1. Having their existing health-insurance plans CANCELLED and replaced by “ObamaCare-compliant” plans that have HIGHER premiums, HIGHER deductibles, and narrower networks of doctors and hospitals

2. Being offered GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES (paid by you, the average taxpayer) so they will be able to AFFORD the HIGH premiums