Update: OTL* and Pelosi and Jonathan Gruber LIED to Get Obamacare Passed

Well, these people who wrote “Obamacare” think you are stupid.  Above is what one of the architects thinks of you.

Here’s what he said, on friendly MSNBC:

Remember what happened to George W. Bush around the war in Iraq?  “Bush Lied, People Died” was the liberal slogan, extensively pushed by the entire mainstream press.  Well, unless you had a friend or relative in the military, the Iraq war didn’t really affect you personally.

THIS ISSUE AFFECTS YOU PERSONALLY.  The average American will either lose his medical insurance altogether and have to BY LAW purchase a new, vastly more-expensive policy (with fewer providers and narrower networks), or will find his employer canceling their group policy and forcing you to the above result.  The Democrats in Congress, and the OTL Administration, lied to everyone, and pushed through the worst piece of legislation ever passed, destroying the world’s formerly best medical care system.  Just wait, it will hit you sooner or later.

The WORST part of this whole fiasco is the MAINSTREAM PRESS IS IGNORING IT.  The people who really need to know about this issue will remain ignorant, until the hammer hits them.  Please, followers, tell all your friends about this.  Send links to everyone you know, and maybe some you don’t know!



*Obama The Liar-see my previous post about this

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