How Congress Can Stop Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Move

Thanks to a  fellow Ricochet member for this.  I think it’s perfect!

I believe that I have a useful tactic for opposing Obama’s executive amnesty, and I am trying to make the suggestion to influential people. I think that either the Congressional leadership or influential Senators should just announce to the public the Congressional intention that anyone accepting documentation under Obama’s illegal executive amnesty will be forever barred from a chance at legal immigration. Since Obama doesn’t intend to enforce the law by deportations anyway, the effect of a Congressional declaration would be to make Obama’s offer an unnecessary risk to any illegal alien considering applying for the documentation and effectively cause the program to collapse. The Congress can make the threat as part of a broader argument that it cannot allow an illegal executive act to stand. Anyway, I think that the strategy would kill the amnesty plan.  I encourage you to promote it, too.

Obama has been speaking not to congress but to illegal aliens and their enablers in America, and the congress can only oppose him and prevent the action by speaking to exactly the same groups and changing the way that they evaluate their options. The leadership needs to make illegal aliens and their enablers think that their only chance for real legal status lay in shunning the offer of executive amnesty and reaching an agreement in the Congress.

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