China Lied, and People are Dying in Great Numbers

Many greater than the Chinese Communist Party is admitting to.  I urge all of my followers to follow the link below to an excellent story, promoted to the Ricochet Main Feed by the Editors.  Many thanks to the Post Author, James Gawron.  Also, many of the commenters provided their own links to other stories, which only add to the sordid data. God Bless Everyone in America.  And may the Almighty God Curse the Chinese Communists unto the tenth generation.

China Falsifying Health Statistics


Update: OTL* and Pelosi and Jonathan Gruber LIED to Get Obamacare Passed

Well, these people who wrote “Obamacare” think you are stupid.  Above is what one of the architects thinks of you.

Here’s what he said, on friendly MSNBC:

Remember what happened to George W. Bush around the war in Iraq?  “Bush Lied, People Died” was the liberal slogan, extensively pushed by the entire mainstream press.  Well, unless you had a friend or relative in the military, the Iraq war didn’t really affect you personally.

THIS ISSUE AFFECTS YOU PERSONALLY.  The average American will either lose his medical insurance altogether and have to BY LAW purchase a new, vastly more-expensive policy (with fewer providers and narrower networks), or will find his employer canceling their group policy and forcing you to the above result.  The Democrats in Congress, and the OTL Administration, lied to everyone, and pushed through the worst piece of legislation ever passed, destroying the world’s formerly best medical care system.  Just wait, it will hit you sooner or later.

The WORST part of this whole fiasco is the MAINSTREAM PRESS IS IGNORING IT.  The people who really need to know about this issue will remain ignorant, until the hammer hits them.  Please, followers, tell all your friends about this.  Send links to everyone you know, and maybe some you don’t know!



*Obama The Liar-see my previous post about this

What OTL Hath Wrought

Courtesy Of Mr. Dave Carter, on Ricochet this morning.  Dave always gets it right, and this is just excellent.  The family that lives in the White House (gee, I’m wondering why they haven’t re-christened it the “Black House”) is squandering YOUR money on lavish parties and vacations, while you sweat and toil every day to keep your family simply fed, clothed and sheltered.  This makes me spitting-angry.


Today’s Best of the Web..What the Mainstream Media Won’t Say about Abortion

Today, James Taranto discusses findings about abortion rates, in a study published by the Guttmacher Institute

Abortions have been decreasing steadily, but what the mainstream media won’t say is that one of the reasons is the increased opposition of the public to abortion. Taranto nails it again.

What Has OTL* Done While in Office?

OTL* has Delivered 699 Speeches Using a Teleprompter Since Taking Office.

He has taken 13 vacations, for a total of 83 days.

Thanks to the Weekly Standard Blog for the above information.

What, exactly, has the occupant of the White House done in the last five years of his reign? Spent YOUR MONEY on vacations, spent hours with TV talk show hosts, and given hundreds of speeches. Does he even govern?????

*See post below for definition.


Read Them and Learn: ObamaCare Havoc

Here is a compilation of articles from around the Web about the deleterious effects of Obama’s health-care “overhaul”.  Read them and learn.

And Now, for News of Fresh Obamacare Disaster

A Ricochet Friend Asked Me…. OTL Broadcast

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, but I do have this mini-soapbox to use for broadcasting Opinion.
We are trying to create a new, ubiquitous acronym, to be applied at all times and in all places, in relation to the person who currently occupies the White House in Washington, DC.
We hope that History will record the nickname of “Obama The Liar“. Hereafter, whenever I do a post that mentions that person, he will forever be known on this blog as OTL, Obama the Liar. He has, from the day he began his campaign for president, lied continuously about what effects his policies will have on the US economy, and on the majority of the American People who are not his campaign donors. Lies too numerous to catalog have resulted in a stagnating economy, high unemployment even after the Great Recession supposedly ended; whole industries trashed (corporate jet-builders, coal miners and coal-fired power plants); and literally MILLIONS of Americans losing their health plans. He will now just be OTL on this blog.
See below for a more-comprehensive list of OTL’s Lies:

Thank-you to Activist Post for the above.