Question About ObamaCare

IF many US citizens are:

1. Having their existing health-insurance plans CANCELLED and replaced by “ObamaCare-compliant” plans that have HIGHER premiums, HIGHER deductibles, and narrower networks of doctors and hospitals

2. Being offered GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES (paid by you, the average taxpayer) so they will be able to AFFORD the HIGH premiums


3 thoughts on “Question About ObamaCare

  1. Rushbabe, a good friend of mine was bumped off his insurance policy (one that he liked) last November, and had to shop around for a new one because of Ocare. This gentleman is around 64. He finally took one with a bit higher premium and a lot higher deductible, and said ‘well, I’ll just have to stay healthy.’ Just a week ago he slipped on ice on his deck, fell & broke his ankle – needed 3 screws put in. He told me he has to pay for just about all of that surgery because his deductible is so high. ‘Affordable’ was not how he described it!!

  2. Thanks very much for the nice words. I’m guessing we won’t get much sleep when we get there.
    And I’m exactly the same age as your friend who got bumped (in more ways than one). Counting my blessings that hubby’s Union-contract policy is in place until 2016.

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