The “Affordable” Care Act, better known as Obamacare

It is said that if the lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court (King vs Burwell) goes against the government, the entire structure of Obamacare will collapse.  Have you given this some thought?  The complete title of the act that is meant to destroy the world’s best medical-care system was called the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”.  In it, the federal government mandated exactly which conditions all insurance companies are required to cover, including contraception at no charge to the patient, pregnancy, and pediatric dental work.  All persons in the US are required to carry one of the government-mandated policies, or pay a penalty (tax? shared responsibility payment?); all employers of over 50 employees are required to offer all their employees working over 30 hours a week medical insurance; and those who cannot afford the government-mandated coverage have been offered tax credits to help them pay for the medical insurance the government requires them to have.

The law plainly states that those tax credits apply to those people who buy coverage through an exchange (marketplace?), operated by THE STATE.  On its face, this does NOT include those states who decided not to set up their own, very complex, exchanges, who opted to throw their citizens onto the federal exchange,  Well, in its infinite wisdom, the IRS, who administers those tax credits, determined that those people who use the federal government exchange, are indeed entitled to the tax credits.  Just what are those tax credits designed to do?  They are a way of making the VERY expensive, government-mandated, medical insurance, “affordable” to lower-earning households.  Basically, they take tax dollars from middle-income taxpayers who can afford the higher premiums, and direct them at those who cannot.  So, if the UnAffordable Care Act’s subsidies are determined by the Supreme Court to be ONLY applicable to citizens of states that run their own exchanges, all those citizens who live in “no-exchange” states would immediately have to pay full freight.  Might that make them, and you, really think about the effects of Obamacare?

Maybe, just maybe, the Affordable Care Act is manifestly NOT affordable.  Maybe those lower-earning households will get a taste of the real Affordable Care Act.  Maybe, those Obamacare supporters might become opponents when they actually have to pay for it themselves, instead of their neighbors paying for their policy.  Oh, and those big health-insurers, like Aetna and UnitedHealth, will regret going along with the Obama administration, when thousands of their policy-holders cancel the “insurance” that they can no longer afford.

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