Making a difference every day

Have you ever seen recruitment literature for elite colleges, MBA programs, or non-profit groups like Teach for America or the Peace Corps? They say “Go to our school” or “join our program”, or “do this activity” and make a difference in the world. The implication is that, whatever you are currently doing, you are NOT making a difference. This is untrue. Take a careful look at what you do every day. Do you get up in the morning and go to work? Do you write reports for your manager about the project you are working on? Do you counsel high school students about their future careers? Do you design parts for cars or airplanes? Do you take orders for your company’s products? Do you play an instrument in a community band or orchestra? Do you deliver packages to businesses or private homes?
Well, if you do ANY of these activities, you ARE making a difference every day. If you did NOT do what you are doing, would anybody notice? If they would, you already ARE making a difference every day. You don’t have to go to Africa or Asia to help people build schools, or dig wells. You can make a difference right here at home, and you probably already are.
I have a sign above my desk at work (made with my simple graphics program on my home computer), that says “PROUD COMPANY EMPLOYEE, ADDING VALUE EVERY DAY”. You may wish to do this too, as a reminder that you are a productive member of society.

The Gosnell Story (abortion butchery) Will Stay Top of Mind Here Beware Graphic Images Below

This story has been totally ignored by the “mainstream media”, because it reflects badly on one of their favored groups, Abortion Supporters. Following is a link to the Grand Jury Findings in this butcher’s trial in Pennsylvania.

This evidence is not to be denied, or swept aside for any reason.

Found at Butcher Gosnell's "Clinic".
Found at Butcher Gosnell’s “Clinic”.



I stuck by my “pet stock”, and I’ve been rewarded

I bought my first stock on my own account in early 2000. The company was called ARM Holdings, and they make software that runs embedded processors. My shares, then, cost $33.00 each. I thought that they had an excellent business model, licensing their software to companies that make computer chips for lots of different products.
Well, you know what happened late that year when the “tech bubble” burst-the stock market plunged, and many tech companies failed. My ARM stock plunged like many others, and I finally gave up and sold it when it was around $2.00. But I never gave up believing that they were a great company, with a product line that finds uses in many places in society. A few years ago, the tech world started to come back into favor, and I bought more shares of ARM for my “play money” Roth IRA account. Now, ARM is roaring back, and my shares are over $40! If you have a cell phone, tablet computer, washing machine, MP3 player, or other mobile gadget, ARM-enabled chips are in there. They are continually expanding their line of embedded software, licensing their “Cortex” line to most chip and device makers. There has even begun to be talk of their breaking into the Server market, heretofore dominated by Intel’s X86-type chips. Their business model still works well (they rarely have to worry about costs getting out of hand, since their expenses are pretty much labor and fancy computers for their software designers), and more companies are licensing their products than ever.  And, they are located in Cambridge, England, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

My Pet Peeve With Liberals on TV & Radio Talk Shows

When in a “conversation” on TV or radio, liberals always “talk over” each other AND the host. They never give any other speaker time to finish what he is saying before they have to butt in. Even on TV shows where the entire “panel” is liberal, they cannot refrain from talking over whoever is speaking (and this results in the decibel level increasing).

This is probably a result of the fact that liberals simply do not believe that anyone other than themselves is worth listening to. They, and they alone, have the correct opinions, and you should only listen to THEM. Even on Fox News, I want to scream “STOP” when Allen Colmes talks over the rest of the panel. And when they do this, they talk faster and faster, so you can’t get a word in edgewise. I sometimes listen to Sean Hannity on the radio, and he has more than one phone-in guest for “debates”. The common occurrence is everyone other than the host interrupting, and talking over each other, so you totally lose track of who is speaking (and the listener tunes out what is being said). Hannity needs to grow some backbone, and insist that his guests listen, as well as talk.