My Congressional representative (?) is afraid of me

It occurred to me yesterday that I have not received ANY communications from the person who ostensibly represents me in Congress. He is, of course, a Democrat. He must come home to his district sometimes, but as far as I know, he has not scheduled any live events where he could actually SEE the people he is supposed to represent. Back in 2010, during the ObamaCare “debates”, I sent him an email letting him know of my views on the government taking over 1/6 of the US economy. The canned reply I received in return said, basically, I don’t care what you think, and I’ll vote in favor of it. At least twice, I have returned home from work, and found a voicemail on my phone, with a long, tiresome recording of a “teleconference” he held on the phone. Yep, my representative is actually afraid to deal with his constituents in person.
Does the man with the perpetual sneer (find a picture of Congressman Rick Larsen from the WA 2nd District) think that he might hear something he doesn’t want to hear, if he has to face a room full of real people? I’m thinking that’s the case. The trouble, however, is that the low-information voters in our district keep electing him.

The difference between me, and Warren Buffett

Of course, the obvious difference between me and Warren Buffet is wealth. Mr. Buffett is wealthy beyond belief. His secretary earns over $100,000 a year, for goodness sake! I don’t earn anywhere near that, and the money I earn is wage income, not the capital gains Mr. Buffett lives on these days. I have savings, but nowhere close to his (and we’re reasonably close in age).

I learned something today that just set me back on my haunches. I learned that, in spite of Mr. Buffett’s great wealth, he still draws a Social Security check, and participates in the Medicare entitlement program for senior citizens. (hat tip to Michael Medved). This fabulously wealthy man, who can well afford to pay for his living expenses and health care out of his well-stuffed pockets, instead is living off those in this country (like me, for instance), who work and pay FICA taxes out of our paychecks. He donates the big bucks to Bill Gates’ Foundation, while he draws his Social Security.

This is a moral problem, in my opinion. I find it disgusting that this man, who like his fellow progressives, is in favor of higher tax rates on all working Americans, has absolutely no trouble asking US to pay for HIM with our wage income. If you have read my previous post “No Social Security or Medicare For Me”, you are aware that I have decided that when I am eligible (next year, when I turn 65), I intend not to register for either Social Security or Medicare. I fully intend to be a productive member of society as long as I can, and never retire. So I think that makes me a better person than Warren Buffett, no matter how much he may have contributed to society in all his years as an investor. He still partially lives off his neighbors (yes, you out there too), while I do not, and will not.