Making a difference every day

Have you ever seen recruitment literature for elite colleges, MBA programs, or non-profit groups like Teach for America or the Peace Corps? They say “Go to our school” or “join our program”, or “do this activity” and make a difference in the world. The implication is that, whatever you are currently doing, you are NOT making a difference. This is untrue. Take a careful look at what you do every day. Do you get up in the morning and go to work? Do you write reports for your manager about the project you are working on? Do you counsel high school students about their future careers? Do you design parts for cars or airplanes? Do you take orders for your company’s products? Do you play an instrument in a community band or orchestra? Do you deliver packages to businesses or private homes?
Well, if you do ANY of these activities, you ARE making a difference every day. If you did NOT do what you are doing, would anybody notice? If they would, you already ARE making a difference every day. You don’t have to go to Africa or Asia to help people build schools, or dig wells. You can make a difference right here at home, and you probably already are.
I have a sign above my desk at work (made with my simple graphics program on my home computer), that says “PROUD COMPANY EMPLOYEE, ADDING VALUE EVERY DAY”. You may wish to do this too, as a reminder that you are a productive member of society.

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