May Day (Supposed to be National Workers Day)

In Seattle, anarchists did their normal “riot” act, and property was damaged (windows smashed with metal bars), and 14 people were arrested, and 8 police officers injured. Local law enforcement is unable to stop this, because they are held back by city government which is basically in sympathy with the “demonstrators”-scare quotes necessary, as they are not demonstrating, but rioting. Below, please find the effects of the communists whom the leftists in Seattle idolize. Hat tip to Evan Pokroy for finding this on Wikipedia.

May Day Commemoration: The REAL Results of Communism

20 Million Kulaks (peasants) starved to death by Stalin.
A million Russians killed in the “Great Purge”.
50,000 Mongolians killed by Stalin in 1937.
21, 000 massacred by the Soviets at Katyn Forrest.
A million killed in Mao’s land reform.
45 Million killed during the “Great Leap Forward”.
15 Million murdered during the Cultural Revolution.
20,000 Tortured to death at Tuol Sleng by the Khmer Rouge.
2 Million killed by the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea/Cambodia
100,000 killed during forced collectivization in Bulgaria.
100,000 murdered by the East German regime.
100,000 killed during forced collectivization in Romania.
800,000 tortured and murdered during “land reforms” in Vietnam.
500,000 killed during the Red Terror in Ethiopia.
250,000 Crimean Tartars forcibly deported during Stalin’s ethnic cleansing (almost half died).
100,000 Tibetans murdered by China.
27,000 murdered by the Communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan at Pul-e-Charkhi prison.
1 million murdered by the Russian Cheka during Lenin’s Red Terror.
3 million ethnic minorities deported to Siberia by Stalin. About 45% died.
350,000 Poles died during Stalin’s deportations after invading Poland.
500,000 Cossacks killed by Lenin in 1919-20
14 Million Russians who went through the Gulags and millions who died there.
4 Million killed by the North Koreans.
10,000 people die every year in North Korean re-education and slave labor camps.
6,500 Catholic clergy murdered by Communists during the Spanish Red Terror in 1936.
50,000 murdered during the Spanish Red Terror.
Over 100 Million people have been intentionally starved to death, tortured and murdered by Communists in the last 100 years.
Communism kills every time it’s tried.
Never Forget

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