Did you vote Democrat on Tuesday?

You did?  This is what you voted for.


Antifa protesters outside the home of Tucker Carlson, a Fox News commentator.


Protesters outside the home of Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  Mr. Pai has a wife and children, who were frightened by the angry people shouting outside their home.  They had to go into hiding.


This is what Antifa promises people who do not agree with them.


This is who they are.  These people are not supporters of conservatives.


Democrat supporters prefer mob rule.  Anyone who disagrees with them is liable to have a mob on his front lawn, or outside his office, screaming and threatening violence.

If you voted Democrat on Tuesday, this whom you voted for.  Be very careful out there.  One wrong word to the wrong person could lead to these people forming up outside YOUR front door, demanding blood.  Your livelihood may be threatened, your family might be in danger, if you get on the wrong side of the Liberal Mob.

About George Zimmerman, and the predatory media

Mr.Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. Well, the predatory media, and their buddies the race-hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who do not deserve the title of Reverend any longer), and their buddies in the US Justice (??) Department and the White House were not satisfied with that verdict. They are going to do their best to ensure that the INNOCENT George Zimmerman will not have a day of peace for the rest of his life. I predict that they and the rest of the nation’s black racists will keep the story front and center, keep rioting, destroy random property (see the stories coming out of Oakland, CA, on the other side of the country!), and file totally unjustified “civil rights” complaints and lawsuits, no matter the total lack of evidence. It is in their interest to cultivate the prejudice of black people against white people, in spite of the fact that we elected a black president! It’s in their interest to keep the black community’s attention focused away from their own violent communities, where black children are gunned down on a daily basis by their fellow blacks.

Here’s what the editors at National Review had to say today:

Eric Holder’s Cynical Threat

I feel very sorry for George Zimmerman, because as long as Barack Hussein Obama occupies the White House, and Eric Holder is Attorney General, they and their media enablers will be gunning (literally) for him. It would not surprise me if, eventually, he committed suicide. Just try to imagine living like that, always looking over your shoulder, afraid that a New Black Panther will shoot at you, or a sleazy, muck-raking, sorry excuse for a “journalist”, will publish lies about you on a daily basis. He surely does not deserve that.

And here’s a heartfelt sentiment from my hero at Ricochet.com, Dave Carter:

 Open Season?

May Day (Supposed to be National Workers Day)

In Seattle, anarchists did their normal “riot” act, and property was damaged (windows smashed with metal bars), and 14 people were arrested, and 8 police officers injured. Local law enforcement is unable to stop this, because they are held back by city government which is basically in sympathy with the “demonstrators”-scare quotes necessary, as they are not demonstrating, but rioting. Below, please find the effects of the communists whom the leftists in Seattle idolize. Hat tip to Evan Pokroy for finding this on Wikipedia.

May Day Commemoration: The REAL Results of Communism

20 Million Kulaks (peasants) starved to death by Stalin.
A million Russians killed in the “Great Purge”.
50,000 Mongolians killed by Stalin in 1937.
21, 000 massacred by the Soviets at Katyn Forrest.
A million killed in Mao’s land reform.
45 Million killed during the “Great Leap Forward”.
15 Million murdered during the Cultural Revolution.
20,000 Tortured to death at Tuol Sleng by the Khmer Rouge.
2 Million killed by the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea/Cambodia
100,000 killed during forced collectivization in Bulgaria.
100,000 murdered by the East German regime.
100,000 killed during forced collectivization in Romania.
800,000 tortured and murdered during “land reforms” in Vietnam.
500,000 killed during the Red Terror in Ethiopia.
250,000 Crimean Tartars forcibly deported during Stalin’s ethnic cleansing (almost half died).
100,000 Tibetans murdered by China.
27,000 murdered by the Communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan at Pul-e-Charkhi prison.
1 million murdered by the Russian Cheka during Lenin’s Red Terror.
3 million ethnic minorities deported to Siberia by Stalin. About 45% died.
350,000 Poles died during Stalin’s deportations after invading Poland.
500,000 Cossacks killed by Lenin in 1919-20
14 Million Russians who went through the Gulags and millions who died there.
4 Million killed by the North Koreans.
10,000 people die every year in North Korean re-education and slave labor camps.
6,500 Catholic clergy murdered by Communists during the Spanish Red Terror in 1936.
50,000 murdered during the Spanish Red Terror.
Over 100 Million people have been intentionally starved to death, tortured and murdered by Communists in the last 100 years.
Communism kills every time it’s tried.
Never Forget