Seattle Sunday Headlines: Fear and Violence

It’s just a normal Sunday in Totalitarian Seattle.  Here are the Keywords in Seattle Headlines, all drawn from the KOMO Web site:

Local retailers hit hard.

2400 new coronavirus cases

Covid fears grow

Subdued tone for Black Friday

Record 411 new covid cases

Racial disparities in diagnosis of lung cancer

After Thanksgiving fears 

3 arrested during demonstration

Shooting victim dies

Then, here’s the big National News:

Fauci says we may see Surge upon Surge of Virus in coming weeks

Look at the words. Fear, Shooting, Cases, Record, Demonstration, Racial Disparities, Arrested, Subdued tone, hit hard, Fears…  All designed by the Media to instill fear in you, the reading public.  Media, and their lackeys in Government are bound and determined to keep the public cowed, fearful, and Subdued.  Yes, the Media comes first, since they have been the entity behind the four-year attempt to bring down President Trump.  The Wuhan Coronavirus, a little “gift” from our sworn enemy, the Chinese Communist Party, has helped their efforts immensely; the totalitarianism exhibited at all levels of government during the (8-month!) virus “Crisis” has taken public attention away from the manifest government corruption.

The US population is now so fearful of their own shadows, they rarely protest at all the new, never-ending restrictions put upon their lives and livelihoods in the name of “fighting Covid”.  When, ever, in US history, has the total population of the United States of America willingly become slaves to Government? Never, I tell you!  Never; not even in the midst of the huge 1918 Flu Pandemic, which affected a full one-third of the world population!

Governments at the local level are creating their own “mini-Stasi” of neighbors ratting-out neighbors and local businesses for non-compliance with the Totalitarian Edicts of the un-elected “public Health” tyrants. You are finding out today what it was like living in East Germany during the Cold War. You are being taught to distrust ALL other Americans. If you like living in East Germany, then just turn over and go back to sleep, and you will deserve the slavery you are getting. If not, please consider the tagline of my blog:

Defy Tyranny. Break the Lockdown.

2 thoughts on “Seattle Sunday Headlines: Fear and Violence

  1. kayofmt

    RB, they are telling lies. Read a letter to my daughter from a distant cousin, who wrote to his mother, Feb 1, 1874. Three of his 6 children died within several weeks of each other from “puter of sore throat” (Diphtheria) The children were 10, 7 and 5 years old. That was a pandemic!

  2. 1. America appears to me to now be officially too stupid to live. Don’t Tread On Me, my eye!

    2. ChiComs have released a bio-weapon upon the world. No one but me seems to care.

    3. Progz (includes MSM) neither want you to know the target nor origin of Flu Manchu. Ask yourself whether or not my previous statement is true or false.

    4. Hello stalker. Maybe RBabe will let you post an OP here explaining why your righteous indignation (and/or whatevs) justifies your chasing me both all over the planet and into every nook and cranny of cyberspace.

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