Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #125: You Pick It

As long as I get to pick my subjects, I will post some of what I consider to be the best photos I have taken for this blog.  Most have been spur-of-the-moment captures that just said “take my picture”.

Afloat at LaConner MarinaThis picture of the LaConner Marina just says “tranquillity” to me, and I remember thinking that when I took the photo.


Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

This was taken from the deck of our cruise ship.  And the ice is really that blue.  Otherworldly, almost.


This one needs a caption, like “And you woke me up because?”


These vegetables at our favorite Asian supermarket just have the brightest and most unusual colors and textures.  These photos are a perfect argument for having your smartphone with you wherever you go.  Its camera is just wonderful for capturing those photos which you do not expect to find.

And then, there are the once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  I’m pretty sure we will never be in this “right place at the right time” situation again.

IMG_0778Kilauea erupting

On a cruise ship, about half a mile away from the eruption of Kilauea Volcano, off the big island of Hawaii.  It’s a shame the smell couldn’t be included with the photo-real “fire and brimstone”.  Nothing shows the power of Nature like this does.


This scene at the Seattle Japanese Garden shows how all the elements combine to produce the desired effect.  Nothing is straight or regular, but together they produce beauty.


Sometimes, the most ordinary things become more beautiful upon closer inspection.  Probably the workers who incorporated this piece of petrified wood into a roadside wall didn’t even know what they had.  The texture of that piece of wood-turned-into-stone is almost magical.


“…and Life flows on, within you and without you.”    George Harrison

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8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #125: You Pick It

  1. Some dazzling choices this week, coincidentally several of which I’d also say follow the Wabi-Sabi principals. Loved the volcano images – I bet the sound was pretty spectacular too!

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