The Washington State Health Nazis can go pound sand. This means YOU-Dr. Umair Shah, Dr. Jeff Duchin, and Dr. Ali Mokdad.

Once again, RB49 is vindicated.  The Health Nazis of Washington State are now in fear of the latest “new variant” of the Chinese Lab-created Wuhan Coronavirus, and they are prepping the state’s sheeple for more rollbacks of opening for business.  They are predicting a “fifth wave”, and getting ready to put us back in jail.  And if that so-called “fifth wave” comes, it will be all our fault for not wearing our useless face masks everywhere.  Here’s a quote from the linked article:

State Health Secretary Dr. Umair Shah said that it does not appear that the Gamma variant came here from B.C., noting that the closed border likely isn’t doing much to stop the spread.

“We’ve already seen the variants that we were concerned about thus far in our borders within the state of Washington, so that’s already happening,” he said.

State health officials did not answer whether or not they believed it was safe to reopen the border, which is currently closed until at least July 21, though some restrictions for Canadians are being eased.

They are, however, worried about how the variants might spread with the state’s June 30 reopening, the Fourth of July, summer travel, and other hot weather get-togethers coming up.

Yep, those state sheeple cannot be trusted with Liberty, and must have their freedom of movement curtailed to save them from the deadly virus.  They totally ignore the glaring fact that a huge proportion of those unvaccinated folks have already had the disease, and have natural immunity!  They are using this fear of Gamma Variant to insist that everyone, including young people who are NOT at elevated risk, take the vaccine that many resist because of reports of terrible side-effects.  

And they of course never mention the treatments which have been suppressed, and that could save most sufferers from the worst effects of Covid.  People, do not listen to the Health Nazis who refuse to yield the absolute power they have had over you for more than a year!  Stand up to the Health Nazis and go out and live your life!

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