Twitter Update from RushBabe49

I joined Twitter in November, after Elon Musk bought the company and engaged in a bit of house-cleaning and swamp-draining.  People still claim to be “shadow-banned”, so he isn’t through with the cleanup.  So I thought I’d bring my readers here up to date on what I’ve been doing there.

I knew that the Leftists on Twitter are pretty bad, and that they engage in enormous amounts of vitriol-spewing, name-calling, and account-blocking of others who disagree with them, or post memes or photos that they don’t like.  I have now become a target, given that I responded kindly to a post by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia (I follow her, and I admire her spunk).  I also expressed an idea of what should be done with all the prostitutes lining Aurora Avenue North in Seattle.  Leftists have called me some pretty awful names, but I just give them the Rush Limbaugh treatment, and laugh at them.  Below is a list of some of the things I have been called this week.








Actually, none of those epithets is truly awful.  No one has called me a racist yet, either.  I am enjoying Twitter a lot, and have “met” and followed some interesting people, including one lady who is one of ten children, and has seven herself.  I told her I admire women who have lots of kids, since they are saving the world.  I have amassed 220 followers so far, and I know that’s a pittance, compared to some of the people I follow.  Anyway, I have a positive view of the site now, since breaking news worldwide seems to show up there first.  Come follow or join me on Twitter.  Thank God for Elon Musk!

3 thoughts on “Twitter Update from RushBabe49

      1. I was banned from Twitter in November (after Elon completed his purchase) for asking Killary what really happened to Vince Foster.
        I was unbanned a couple of weeks ago on my 3rd or 4th appeal.
        Some of Twitter’s (T)PTB are still bad actors but as the cool kids say – Twitter is where it’s at, man.

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