Just a taste of what our Washington State Legislature has in store for us this year

In November, the people of Western Washington returned even more DemocRats to our state legislature.  Since the majority of the population of Washington lives West of the Cascades, and the majority of them in Seattle, the far-Leftists of Seattle essentially run the State.  That doesn’t make the residents of Eastern Washington very happy, but there’s very little they can do about it.  It doesn’t help that the Republican party is a joke with little or no power to do much, aside from whining and complaining.  I have picked just a few of the bills proposed this year, to give you an idea of what will be done to us by those who claim to represent us.

First up, is House Bill 1025.  This bill “Creates Private Cause of Action Against Peace Officers”, and, per the bill’s language, “Precludes Qualified Immunity” for police officers, “if they violate the State Constitution or the Laws of the State” in performance of their duties.  This bill would allow people who believe themselves injured by a police officer in the performance of his duty, to bring a private lawsuit against not only the police officer, but that officer’s employer.  Brought to you by the Leftists of Seattle, who think of police as Pigs, and were happy to let rioters burn down a police precinct in the city.  In a civilized society, peace officers are always given the benefit of the doubt when pursuing lawbreakers.  This bill, if passed, will end that, and police officers will not be the pursuers, but the pursued.

Next, we have HB 1176, entitled “Climate-ready Communities”.  I have chosen to copy some of the wording of this bill, which gives you a pretty good idea of the mindset of the Environmental Wackos who govern our state.  Remember Jay Inslee, the “Climate Candidate” in 2016?

  1. 1  AN ACT Relating to developing opportunities for service and
  2. 2  workforce programs to support climate-ready communities; adding new
  3. 3  sections to chapter 43.41 RCW; adding new sections to chapter 28C.18
  4. 4  RCW; creating new sections; and repealing RCW 43.330.310, 50.12.320,
  5. 5  and 28C.18.170.
  7. 7  NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. (1) The legislature recognizes that
  8. 8  climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the state and
  9. 9  the world today, and that we must mobilize Washington’s young adults,
  10. 10  veterans, and workforce to create the clean energy economy and
  11. 11  strengthen our communities and ecosystems in the face of climate
  12. 12  impacts.
  13. 13  (2) The legislature finds that service provides a unique
  14. 14  opportunity to mobilize young adults and veterans to build clean
  15. 15  energy and climate-resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems.
  16. 16  Growing equity-centered, climate-related service programs and
  17. 17  addressing critical gaps in service opportunities will broaden access
  18. 18  to service, ensuring that young adults and veterans of all
  19. 19  backgrounds, especially from overburdened communities and vulnerable
  20. 20  populations, can serve. Doing so will also ensure that service
  21. 21  programs address the needs of communities across the state,

More taxpayer-funded environmental “equity” programs for our already over-taxed state.

House Bill 1389 regulates how and by how much residential landlords may increase the rent on a dwelling unit.  This bill enacts Rent Control in Washington State.  What could possibly go wrong?

HB1391 is a really good one.  Its title is “Energy in Buildings”.  The text of this bill states that, according to the State’s 2021 Energy Strategy, the “amount of fossil natural-gas delivered to buildings must be reduced by 90% from 2020-2050, to meet the state’s “Emissions limits.”  Money will be appropriated to help low-income residents to weatherize their dwellings, and the bill foresees the elimination of natural-gas heating in the state, by forbidding any new natural-gas hookups.  This State, which is in the Northern Hemisphere and gets a lower amount of sunlight than other areas, will be increasing its reliance on “renewable” solar heating and cooling.  Yeah, good luck with that in overcast Western Washington.

Bill 1143 is a very insidious one.  It concerns “Permit to Purchase Firearms”, and specifies that anyone wishing to purchase a firearm from a licensed firearm dealer in Washington, must obtain a Permit.  In order to get said permit, the citizen must  have taken an Approved Safety Course, and present proof of passing such a course to the State to receive a Permit to Purchase a firearm.  This bill is blatantly unconstitutional, and if our legislature is stupid enough to pass it, it will be immediately caught up in lawsuits.  But our so-called representatives care not for the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens, in their haste to enact “common-sense gun control”.  As if the criminals will take the effort to get a permit, take a safety course, and go through the background check process to acquire their guns!

So, this list should give you a pretty good idea of what the Washington State Legislature wants for its citizens.  And this is just a small part of all the new programs, taxes, and restrictions that are in store for us.

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