Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #244: Glowing Moments

Let There Be Light.  And there was light.  There is a reason God created light first.  Nothing lives totally without light, and photographers care most about how a subject is lighted.

These two trees were lighted from below.

Sometimes you just get lucky, as I was one evening when we arrived home from a short day trip.  This is looking west down our street.


Of course, the most awe-inspiring glow that I have ever seen was the glow cast by the Kilauea Volcano, which we watched in 2018 from the deck of our cruise-ship.  We stood off the coast of the Big Island for over an hour, watching, listening, and smelling the volcano erupt, casting its lava into the sea.

This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we were especially fortunate to be there at that exact time, because the volcano stopped erupting shortly after we left.

In February of 2019, we were in Southern California, and we saw two kinds of glow at the same time.  Sunset off the Santa Monica Pier.

And the lighted rides on the Pier itself.

Finally, April brings the flower festivals in the Skagit Valley.  In March, it’s the daffodils, which bloom before the tulips appear in April.  In our normally rainy climate, fields of daffodils cast their warm glow over the valley, and form a nice contrast to the gray skies.  Definitely a mood-lifter.

Skagit Daffodils

I think my very favorite glowing moment was captured from the balcony of our hotel room in Victoria BC.  The scene glowed pink, and the seaplane landing made it just perfect.

Sunset, seaplane, Victoria BC 2016
Harbour Air Plane landing at Sunset, Victoria Inner Harbour

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