The Ruler of my State is Pure Evil

Today, I learned how truly evil is the so-called governor of my state of Washington.  Washington is ruled by the most evil wing of the DemocRat party, and as such they are violently “Pro-Abortion”.  Insurance companies operating in Washington are required to cover abortion procedures in all medical plans.   And after the overturning by the Supreme Court of Roe v. Wade, the first thing the legislature did was make our state an Abortion Sanctuary.  Planned Parenthood set up shop on the Idaho border, in preparation for receiving a flood of women from states that prohibit abortion, to come here to murder their babies.

But today, the Attorney General and the Dictator of Washington announced their most heinous activity yet.  They are boasting of purchasing, with My Tax Dollars, thirty thousand courses of the drugs that induce abortion.  This was a big deal for them, announcing to the world that they are proud of their planning of the deaths of thirty thousand unborn babies.

I have said here before that I am ashamed to live in a state where the highest officials boast of their bloodthirstiness.  This action takes the cake.  Jay Inslee is pure Evil.  Here’s some more commentary.

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