Erasing Hate with Cosmetics?

At my local store over the weekend, I noticed a new product on the shelf.  I was somewhat taken aback as I looked at this new range of cosmetics, obviously aimed at the (ever-growing, ever-louder) homosexual and “transgender” market.  The brand is “Prideful”, and seems to be going after the tiny segment of people who pretend to be someone of the opposite sex.


Personally, I can’t imagine how someone is supposed to be able to “erase hate” by wearing brightly-colored cosmetics on their face.  In fact, I can almost imagine, in certain circumstances, people attracting hate by wearing said cosmetics (maybe in a drag show aimed at little children).  As usual, the group who broadcasts loudly how they want to reduce hate in the world are the ones expressing hate toward those of us who prefer not to advertise our sexual orientation, or support perverts who do.


No, I don’t think I will be considering buying these brightly-colored “prideful” cosmetics or accessories.  I still can’t understand how people whose sexual behavior is antithetical to the survival of the human race, can be proud of being perverted.  And I highly resent the homosexuals appropriating the rainbow for themselves.

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