Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #243: It’s Tricky

April Fools!  April 1 is the day of the year for playing pranks.  Or maybe finding things in real life that just look like pranks.  I got such a kick out of this “pranky” sign in front of a business in Wyoming!


I can just hear it now.  “Honey, I crashed the truck”.  “You did WHAT?!”  “Come on over and see it”.  Now, how did it get all the way up there, and what happened to the other half of the truck?

Now, this photo-op is very tricky, isn’t it?

Danger! Grand Canyon Photo Op

One wrong step, and you fall into the Grand Canyon!

Our cat, Kikyo, is a fearless acrobat, and we have caught her in some very tricky situations.

How about that balancing act on the edge of the chair?  And you can’t see it, but the that vase is on a windowsill that is eight feet off the ground!  She gets there by jumping onto the banister of the stairway to the second floor and jumping over to the top of the closet, then walks over to the vase (which is a stylized cat!).

Have a good week everyone!

Here’s the Link to this week’s Original Post.

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #243: It’s Tricky

  1. Clever! I can’t believe I live this close to the Grand Canyon and I didn’t think of that. It always looks scary from these angles. Cats are the best a ”tricky”, aren’t they? The balancing act is funny. Don’t you love, “Americas Funniest Home Video, cat clips?

    Thanks for joining in. The Grub and Pub was fun and original! Donna

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