The Soros Prosecutor from New York has just indicted President Donald Trump. The Rubicon has been crossed.

For those of you in my audience who aren’t familiar with the historical reference above, it refers to Ancient Rome, where the first Emperor to seize Rome from the Republic, Julius Caesar, declared his intentions by crossing the River Rubicon with his troops.  Since then, “crossing the Rubicon” has been used to indicate an action that is irreversible, and starts an unstoppable train of activity that will alter society forever.

Never in the history of the United States of America has any former President been indicted for a “crime”.  My Hero, Rush Limbaugh, used to say that “We don’t go after our ex-presidents”.  Well, we do now.  In recent history, many ex-presidents have engaged in all sorts of nefarious activities, but none has been indicted when he was out of office.  Bill Clinton and Lyndon Johnson were very shady characters before they were elected, and their illicit activities were legion.  Aside from Clinton’s impeachment, neither man was ever brought to justice.  And the so-called “crime” for which the lowlife Alvin Bragg has indicted President Trump isn’t even a crime, and is outside the statute of limitations besides.

So, Mr. Bragg, instead of bringing down Donald Trump, has fired up his base, including yours truly, and has almost certainly ensured that he will be nominated for President in 2024, and he will win another term.  President Trump is much wiser now than he was in 2015, and he knows that he cannot trust anyone currently employed in any capacity in Washington DC.  President Trump knows now who his supporters are, and who his enemies are.  Below are some expressions of support from Twitter today.

In case you don’t recognize her, Juanita Broaddrick was one of Bill Clinton’s victims.  I follow her.

Now is the time for all good Patriots to stand up and support President Donald Trump.  He was the best President our country has ever had, and he will be the best again.  Support him now, and in his campaign in 2024.  The fate of America depends on it.

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