Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #250: Skyscapes/Cloudscapes

This week’s topic is tailor-made for me.  On my computer, I have an album dedicated to photos of clouds.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, the sky is as apt to be covered with gray clouds all winter, and they are never the same one minute to the next.  But when Spring arrives and the gray lifts, we can have some spectacular skies.


This is Elliott Bay in Seattle-one side looks like a nice day, the other is very forbidding.

In the same vein, we were in Iowa in 2010, and driving down the highway we were literally outrunning a thunderstorm, hoping we would reach our destination before all hell broke loose.  We nearly made it.

Racing the thunderstorm
Racing the thunderstorm, Iowa 2010

That photo was taken from the passenger seat of our car.

From the deck of a Washington State Ferry, you can look across Puget Sound and see what kind of weather they are getting on the Kitsap Peninsula.  This day, they were getting rained-on!

Clouds over Kitsap


In North Bend, in the foothills of the Cascades, I saw this very interesting set of cloud formations.  It looks like the trees are breathing the clouds into the sky above.


And then there was the time, in Glacier National Park, that the clouds literally came down to meet us!  Driving the narrow Going-to-the-Sun Road, it was pretty scary, not being able to see very far in front of the car.

From the deck of a cruise-ship, you get a lot of spectacular sea and sky-scapes.  These are the North Pacific Ocean on the way to Hawaii.  I always thought the left photo looked like someone had torn a slit in the clouds.


These thunderheads are in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

I think this qualifies as “funny clouds”.  I wonder how Nature did it.

Clouds-Pike’s Peak

Then, there’s the land of the Big Skies.  In the distance it’s hard to tell the mountains from the clouds.

Fields and mountains, Colorado


Sunset, Indian Wells California.

Here’s the Link to Amy’s Original Post.  And Tina’s too!

4 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #250: Skyscapes/Cloudscapes

  1. A terrific gallery RB, lots of variety to enjoy. Know just what you mean about Going To The Sun road. We came through total clouds and fog but when we rose high enough we burst thru the clouds and had a spectacular view of the puffy white clouds below. A favorite memory, thanks for the reminder 😊 – and also for the link.

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