The Court of Public Opinion Has Ruled

My friend, attorney Robert Barnes, tells us that we ordinary, tax-paying American Citizens can have an outsize influence on current affairs, when we communicate our preferences, get together online and in the real world, and let the forces of evil in our country know that WE are the basis of society, not they.  We, the Court of Public Opinion have been on a roll in recent weeks.

First, it was the ill-considered marketing campaign for Bud Light beer, instituted by a woke female marketing director, who didn’t bother running her campaign tactics by her superiors.  She engaged “Trans-woman” “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney, to shill for Bud Light.  Well, the shit hit the fan rather quickly, since the main customers for Bud Light happened to be working-class, white men, a group who doesn’t take kindly to the “trans-gender” nonsense.

The campaign continues to run against the beer company, with their now having to buy back tons of expired beer from their retailer customers.  As James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal used to say “We Get Results!”

Next, we have the more recent controversy regarding retailer Target Corp.  In their infinite wisdom, they decided to bring out an entire line of “Pride” clothing and accessories for children, to celebrate the big Homosexual Pride month of June.  Boy, did that idea backfire!  The Twitter Universe erupted, and within a few hours, a “Boycott Target” campaign was started, and the results have been nearly instantaneous.  Target has learned in short order that it’s not a good idea to try and foist your homosexual-mafia campaign on children!

Once again, the Court of Public Opinion has made itself heard, in no uncertain terms.  We Get Results!

So, Readers, vote with your feet, and your pocketbook, when the Woke Mobs try to harm you, or your children.  And never fear, you are more powerful than they are, and they need YOU more than you need THEM.

One thought on “The Court of Public Opinion Has Ruled

  1. Anonymous

    I haven’t darkened the doors of |Target since they banned Salvation Army Santa Claus solicitors from collecting in their parking lots before Christmas. They can go hang.

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