Do you have children or grandchildren? You might be interested in this. And not in a good way.

Hubby and I have a new great-niece, who just turned one year old.  For her birthday, I went to the book store to find a nice picture book (we will not be giving her any toys, just books for birthdays and Chanukah). What I found was not very nice, in my opinion.  It seemed to me that most, if not all, recently-written kids’ books are written with some kind of political theme in mind.  We have known for many years that the “educational” establishment has been indoctrinating our young people with the standard Progressive world view, including diversity, inclusion, homosexuality, environmentalism, feminism, and “gender-fluidity”, among many other disgusting themes.  Don’t we remember the furor surrounding the book Heather has Two Mommies, that was featured in some elementary schools a while ago?

I found it interesting that, for the last weekend in December, the Seattle Times and Wall Street Journal both did features on new “literature” for today’s “woke” kids.  The title of the Seattle Times story was “12 groundbreaking books for young readers of all genders“. (emphasis mine).  The point of view is right there in the title, you don’t even have to read any further.  Some of the titles are My First Book of Feminism (for Boys); From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea (written by a “trans-gender woman”); Mae Among the Stars, written about a black woman who went into space, “to push back against sexism and racism”; Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different: True Tales of Amazing Boys who Changed the World Without Killing Dragons, written to push back against “toxic masculinity”; and “The Best Man”, urging boys NOT to become “masculine”.  Hey, parents, this is what your kids are being urged to read!  Your boys are being taught that to be a boy, who does boy stuff, is a bad thing! Your girls are being taught that if they do not end up as scientists or astronauts, it’s because of Sexism.


In the Wall Street Journal, their children’s book editor Meghan Cox Gurdon says, in her piece entitled “You’re Never Too Young to Take a Stand”:

“When posterity looks back at the children’s books of 2018, it will notice a strong political current that, as in a river, progresses in one direction.  Posterity will observe, for instance, that the presidential election of two years before continued to have a downstream effect in the form of numerous picture books that celebrate certain ways of seeing the world and offer a rebuke to others.”

She cites picture books that have themes of acceptance of immigrants, tearing down all barriers, and acceptance of same-sex marriage.  Yes, little kids are learning about homosexuality and same-sex marriage!  She mentions a young-adult book about a dystopia that includes bad US government interning Muslim citizens, and the good American teen who helps a fugitive escape from a prejudiced land to Canada.  And she mentions  all the books of 2018 that featured the female Supreme Court Justices, and no mention of the males.  Girls Good; Boys Bad is the refrain.  And her final mention is a book entitled Woke Baby.

So, instead of looking for new books for my little niece, I will be buying her the well-loved books of the past, including Babar the Elephant, and Madeleine.  Parents, be very careful out there when choosing literature for your kids.  Read everything first, and make sure that what they are reading isn’t as subversive as all these books seem to be.

I’m Going to Wade Right in: Why do we Need BlogHer?

If you pay attention to the Daily Post on WordPress, you saw a couple of posts regarding BlogHer, the convention/meeting for women bloggers.  Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bunch of women who are bloggers getting together to trade tips, techniques, and stories, but I fail to see why there is a crying need for a specifically female bloggers support group.  In case you hadn’t noticed, women are generally recognized to be more verbal than men, scoring higher on all measures of verbal facility from the time they can talk.  Since the rise of Feminism in the late 1960’s, the narrative has been that, as a group, women have been oppressed, exploited, and discriminated-against.  There are special laws dictating more-severe penalties applied to crimes against women than crimes against men.  Women’s health issues are considered to be much more important than men’s health issues.  Women get special treatment in many areas of daily life.   Special efforts are made to encourage women to choose careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields, and other “non-traditional” occupations like construction and auto assembly.  Young women are inculcated with the belief that they should go to college, have a career, and aim for the executive suite.

Since the late 1970’s, women have made up nearly 60% of college students.  Right now, women make up 47.2% of law school students, 51.5% of management, professional, and related positions, and a total of 46.9% of the labor force.  Women have been elbowing aside the men for decades, and now comprise 14.6% of corporate executives, and hold 16.9% of corporate board seats.  For all intents and purposes, women are the equal of men in everything they undertake.

So women are NOT downtrodden, exploited, or excluded from any activity in which they wish to engage, and maybe we should just celebrate ALL bloggers, not just the women.  As a woman, I do not want, or need any kind of special treatment.  I don’t join any exclusively-female groups, since I like the company of men, too.  I am a BLOGGER, not a Woman Blogger.

The Liberal Mindset…

…turns Perpetrators into Victims
…turns Burglary/robbery victims into Criminals (when they defend themselves with Legal firearms)
…turns Women into Men (or tries to, but fails when that old motherhood instinct shows up)
…Turns Men into Women (metrosexuals, pansies, peaceniks)
…Turns Saudi, Yemeni, and Pakistani terrorists into US Citizens with full Constitutional rights
…turns ordinary, productive US citizens into wards of the State
…turns entire ethnic groups (blacks, Hispanics) into victims
…turns people whose behavior threatens the survival of the human race (homosexuals) into saints
…and turns formerly thriving cities into Cesspools: Washington DC, Detroit, Camden, NJ, New Orleans, Newark, NJ, Chicago, Leeds (UK)

The Single Most Destructive Slogan in Recent Memory

Some time back in the 1960’s, the radical feminists came out with this slogan: A Woman Without a Man is Like a Fish Without a Bicycle. Their viewpoint then, and now, is that woman do not need men in their lives (except maybe for sexual pleasure). The implication is that a woman can, and most importantly, should, never rely on any man to help them achieve their goals and desires in life. They should rely mostly on themselves, then on other women, and then the Government to achieve their life goals. This viewpoint has had untold deleterious consequences for our culture, and our country.
The most far-reaching and destructive effect has been the disintegration of the nuclear family (a married, heterosexual couple raising their own biological children). With the invention of the birth-control pill, and the legalization of abortion pretty much on demand, women could “sow their wild oats” just like men, with no thought for any consequences. When they delayed marriage for college and careers, and bragged about their strength and falling barriers to success, they affected the men around them. Not only did the radical feminists tout women’s’ abilities, they disparaged just about everything about men (they are stupid, insensitive, bullies, exploitative,ignorant, slackers…). When an entire sex is looked down upon by the other sex, can you blame them for taking it to heart? The feminists, when they did marry and have children, tried their very best to raise their boys just like girls, and vice versa (giving their girls trucks and lego blocks to play with, and taking away their boys’ toy guns, and giving them dolls instead). As a result, they hardened their girls, and made their boys into a bunch of wimps. It’s no wonder these days that the majority of US households are no longer two-parent households, and nearly 60% of children are born out of wedlock. The number of boys growing up without a father in the home has led to increases in street gangs, and prisons filled with men who had no other way of demonstrating competence than to shoot someone, or vandalize private property, or sell drugs.
Well, it turns out that men and women ARE different, and we women do, in fact, need men in our lives. It does nothing to diminish our value to admit that there are things that men do better than we do, and the men who may be insensitive bullies were probably taught that behavior. Women not being CEO’s at the same rate as men? Maybe, just maybe, many women don’t WANT to be CEO. It makes me sad to see what feminism hath wrought on our society.