Cutting Off Their Noses to Spite Their Faces (Liberals hurting the groups they claim to support)

Always and everywhere, Liberals and groups like Acorn, claim that they support and work for the little guys, the downtrodden, the discriminated-against, the oppressed, the have-nots of society.  But when it comes right down to it, in the crunch, they favor themselves, and their white liberal cronies in big labor unions and politics, and their actions make their supposedly-favored groups poorer!  THEY are the only ones made richer by their campaigns to improve the lot of black people, and the poor, and women…

Take the case of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.  It can be reliably shown that, when a Walmart opens in a neighborhood, that store provides entry-level jobs, needed services like banking, money-transfer, and even medical clinics, and low-cost everyday goods that the locals want to buy!  Walmart makes the people in their communities happier!  Yet, because they are unfriendly to Big Labor (since unionizing would result in loss of their low-income customers due to higher prices), White Liberal activist groups have succeeded in keeping Walmart out of many large cities.  This article recently on another WordPress blog (24/7 Wall Street), details large cities without Walmart.  Liberals SAY they want to help the poor, but their actions prove otherwise.

Earlier this year, a community organizing group in Portland, Oregon managed to drive away the independent supermarket, Trader Joe’s.  They claimed that the chain was not friendly to black people.  But if you asked the people actually living in the neighborhood, they would have LOVED to have Trader Joe’s nearby.  The activist group is wary of “gentrification”, which actually means improving living conditions in rundown neighborhoods; so those neighborhoods simply continue to deteriorate.  So the black people in Portland have been denied a grocery store in their neighborhood, not by “The Man”, but by their own black race-hustlers.  Are they better off? NO!

This recent story is not in the US, but Vladimir Putin’s thugs in Russia, in order to hit back at the US and Europe for supporting sanctions against them (based on the Ukraine situation), will ban imports of US and European agricultural and other goods.   Once again, those who suffer will not be the US or Western Europe, but the people of Russia, again demonstrating that those who are in power often have only their own welfare at heart, not those of their own people.

Oppressed peoples of the world, open your eyes!  See who really has your interests at heart!  Not the Community Activists, or the NAACP, or the Labor Unions, who have their own interests at heart, and only want more power over you.  The Conservative movement, who believes that each person should be able to make his own choices, to shop where he wants, and eat what he wants (not what Michelle Obama says he should eat), and get his children a good education.  We are the ones with YOUR interests at heart.

Obama Lied, Your Employer-provided Health Benefits Died

The inhabitant of the White House in Washington DC stated, when trying to convince the American People to like ObamaCare (he likes that title now), that “If you like your health plan, you can keep it”. That was a bald-faced LIE. For most of us, the health plan that we have is not ours, it is OUR EMPLOYER’S. Our work-provided health benefits are decided upon and paid for by our employer, and we have little or no say in what kind of plan that we have access to at work. So, if our employer discovers that it will cost HIM millions of dollars more for that health plan next year, due to the onerous additional costs and restrictions imposed by ObamaCare, then he may decide to change providers, or even discontinue covering some or all of his employees.

Many large businesses in the USA have already stated that they are ceasing covering some employees. United Parcel Service will be stopping coverage of about 15,000 employee spouses who have access to coverage by their own employers. Just today, the Walgreen Company announced that they will be ceasing health benefits for 160,000 employees; they will simply provide a set dollar amount each year for their employees to shop for their own coverage on a Private Health Exchange run by insurance giant Aon Hewitt. IBM and Time-Warner are moving many of their retirees to a similar private exchange for their health benefits. Home Depot is moving ALL its employees onto the ObamaCare exchanges for their benefits.

Several large retail and restaurant companies have announced that they are either ceasing any coverage of part-time employees (Trader Joe’s), or are reducing their part-time employees’ hours so they are not required to provide coverage (Darden Restaurants, Sea World, Subway, St. Petersburg College, and many local governments).

So when Dear Leader Obama reassured you that you’d be able to keep your health plan, he lied to you. And he continues to lie about the (INTENDED) consequences of the Democrat Party’s government takeover of the US health care system. There will be, in the not-too-distant future, fewer private health plans, fewer doctors, and skyrocketing costs. And when the government controls all of your health care, they control you. Get ready for a bumpy ride, (and don’t get too attached to your health care benefits from work).