Obama Lied, Your Employer-provided Health Benefits Died

The inhabitant of the White House in Washington DC stated, when trying to convince the American People to like ObamaCare (he likes that title now), that “If you like your health plan, you can keep it”. That was a bald-faced LIE. For most of us, the health plan that we have is not ours, it is OUR EMPLOYER’S. Our work-provided health benefits are decided upon and paid for by our employer, and we have little or no say in what kind of plan that we have access to at work. So, if our employer discovers that it will cost HIM millions of dollars more for that health plan next year, due to the onerous additional costs and restrictions imposed by ObamaCare, then he may decide to change providers, or even discontinue covering some or all of his employees.

Many large businesses in the USA have already stated that they are ceasing covering some employees. United Parcel Service will be stopping coverage of about 15,000 employee spouses who have access to coverage by their own employers. Just today, the Walgreen Company announced that they will be ceasing health benefits for 160,000 employees; they will simply provide a set dollar amount each year for their employees to shop for their own coverage on a Private Health Exchange run by insurance giant Aon Hewitt. IBM and Time-Warner are moving many of their retirees to a similar private exchange for their health benefits. Home Depot is moving ALL its employees onto the ObamaCare exchanges for their benefits.

Several large retail and restaurant companies have announced that they are either ceasing any coverage of part-time employees (Trader Joe’s), or are reducing their part-time employees’ hours so they are not required to provide coverage (Darden Restaurants, Sea World, Subway, St. Petersburg College, and many local governments).

So when Dear Leader Obama reassured you that you’d be able to keep your health plan, he lied to you. And he continues to lie about the (INTENDED) consequences of the Democrat Party’s government takeover of the US health care system. There will be, in the not-too-distant future, fewer private health plans, fewer doctors, and skyrocketing costs. And when the government controls all of your health care, they control you. Get ready for a bumpy ride, (and don’t get too attached to your health care benefits from work).

2 thoughts on “Obama Lied, Your Employer-provided Health Benefits Died

  1. Well said, RushBabe! My family’s insurance premiums went up 48% this year, and we expect it to rise even more come January – and my husband is employed by a Big Blue! (Found you from Ricochet, glad you mentioned your blog)

    1. So I just followed you, too. My hubby works for big airplane manufacturer, and I am covered under his health care (he is union). I wonder how long it will take them to ask the union to reopen negotiations on that coverage. My employer offers only high-deductible health plans, with a Health Savings Account, to which they do NOT contribute anything. I was under the impression that those would not be allowed under Obamacare, but employer has said nothing so far. The next few weeks should be quite interesting.

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