Reaching out to my followers…Obamacare stories?

Hello, everyone-
It’s my impression that many of you are young people. I have been reading over the past couple of weeks of sticker-shock experiences of many who are trying to sign up for health coverage (it’s no longer insurance, since it is mandated to cover routine expenses) on the new Obamacare exchanges; or are having their former individual policies cancelled by the carriers and replaced by higher-cost policies that cover more Obamacare-mandated services. [how many of you guys need maternity care or contraception?]
I would be honored if any of you who have had experiences with the exchanges or your own individual carriers would tell your stories here on my blog. I’d like the wider world to hear the truth about the effects the new health-care takeover by the federal government is having on American citizens. If you or people you know have been affected by Obamacare, let me know!
Thank you all very kindly.

What Kind of Government Have You Elected?

I certainly did not help elect a president who is basically a petulant baby, surrounding himself with other petulant babies. Waah! I can’t have my way!! I’m just going to take my ball (and all your toys, too), and go home! WAAAHHH!!

Vets at WWII Memorial in DC, defying the Obama administration
Vets at WWII Memorial in DC, defying the Obama administration

The War Veterans who fought to keep this country free, in front of THEIR Memorial.
Support THEM! Oppose the Obama Administration!

Calling The Private Sector!! Let’s Generate Private Competition for Government Employment Data!

So maybe there’s a bright spot in the federal government shut-down. One area that is shut down that many are complaining about is the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Labor Department that generate employment data. How about the many private companies and organizations that currently publish narrower statistics on US employment, getting serious about developing new, private, measures of employment in America? ADP, the company that does payrolls for numerous US businesses already publishes its own monthly employment numbers. Would it be so hard for their economists to work on a larger survey? With the Internet, it’s easy to get most of the names and addresses of most US residents. Come on, guys, compete! And a privately-run survey or surveys would not be subject to the political manipulation that the current data are (the feds carefully de-emphasize the shrinking labor-force participation rate, which indicate NO recovery). Following is a list of entities that could generate comprehensive employment reports, to get the correct, full information out there to the American People.

The Conference Board
American Enterprise Institute

Is It a War On Terror? Or Merely Law Enforcement?

Terror Mastermind Captured“>

This link leads to a Fox News report of US Navy SEALs capturing a prominent terror figure, the mastermind behind the US Embassy bombings in Africa in 1988. The headline, however, does not reflect the disappointing treatment of this TERROR figure by US forces. This Muslim Terrorist is going to be treated as a COMMON CRIMINAL! This Islamist fighter, whose objective is to destroy the United States of America, is going to be READ HIS RIGHTS on the Navy vessel where he is being held!!

Maybe I’m wrong (but I don’t think so), but this Islamist Terror Mastermind is NOT a US Citizen, and, thus, he HAS NO RIGHTS. The inept bunch of boobs who are supposedly running this country, are totally misguided if they think that our enemies will be doing anything but laughing in our faces at this demonstration of kindness and consideration toward the captured criminal. Only the Democrats who populate our increasingly irrelevant State Department would even think of treating our enemies as common criminals. Just what kind of information do they think they can extract from this guy once they read him his (non-existent) rights and provide him with a free lawyer? Do they really think that he can be convicted of anything, once his taxpayer-funded lawyer advises him to stay quiet? How does that make YOU, the US Citizen feel, that YOUR TAX DOLLARS are going to fund the defense of the Islamist Terrorist who is trying to destroy you and your country?