And Now For Something Entirely Different…Try Tiffany for Christmas this year

RushBabe49 is a Tiffany shareholder, and a Tiffany shopper, even with a moderate income. (Tiffany stock was up 8% today!) It sometimes amazes me that there are people who feel intimidated, and won’t enter a Tiffany store because they have to walk past the armed security guards at the door. They have been opening stores in areas of the country that aren’t highly affluent, just comfortable. I like to suggest to men that I know a near-foolproof way to give their wife or girlfriend heart palpitations. What woman wouldn’t gasp at a gift in the Tiffany blue box?

So here’s a way of thinking about Tiffany that might make it easier for those intimidated ones to walk proudly into their nearest Tiffany store. Just remember that to them, you are a Customer, not just a shopper. They want your business, and it’s in your best interest to think of yourself that way. Get up your courage, walk right into the store, and be sure to wish the security guards “Good afternoon”. Then head right up to any counter and peruse the merchandise. Tiffany is known best for their diamond jewelry, but they also have an extensive collection of reasonably-priced sterling silver pieces. When I was single, and making a fair, but not huge, salary, I would give myself a Christmas present every year of a new pair of Tiffany silver earrings. It’s fun to walk into the store and check out the new items, ask to see something closer up, and walk out with your very own blue box, tied up with beautiful red or white ribbon. They have an extensive collection of really cute charms for a bracelet, or they can be worn as a pendant on a chain; they are adding new ones all the time.

So you guys, Christmas is coming up. This year, make your lady VERY happy, and present her with something in a Tiffany blue box. She will NEVER doubt your love ever again! [and you will get on their mailing list for their great catalogs] You can start by going to the Web site,, to get ideas, and to drool.

Thanksgiving, 2013

Rush Revere

Besides the usual things I have to be thankful for this year, you may add the above. Rush Limbaugh, my hero, has written a book for young people (first of a series), to show them the truth about the founding of America. Since the 1970’s, public education in the United States has been basically Liberal Indoctrination, teaching our children that the people who founded this great nation were evil, white, rich people who destroyed the gentle, cultured, peaceful Native American tribes in their effort to enslave everyone else already living here. “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” tells the real story of the people who founded Plymouth Colony, and the story of the true “first Thanksgiving”. Please note that the original colonists tried socialism first, and it failed miserably, like it always does.

As you sit down to your turkey dinner on Thursday, keep in mind that you are among the most fortunate people on our planet, living in this most extraordinary country, founded on an IDEA of human Liberty. And you and your ancestors did NOT lie, cheat, steal, or murder your way here, and you should not in any way feel guilty or ashamed to be an American. Both of my grandfathers were born in Russia in the 19th Century, and their people were persecuted, subjected to brutal pogroms, and murdered in the gas chambers of the Holocaust. They came to America seeking a better life, and they found it. On their own labor, they found it, they earned it, and they passed this better life on to their children and grandchildren. Give thanks every day for the brave men and women who made this country the most prosperous, the most free, and the most generous nation in the entire history of mankind.

A Ricochet Friend Asked Me…. OTL Broadcast

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, but I do have this mini-soapbox to use for broadcasting Opinion.
We are trying to create a new, ubiquitous acronym, to be applied at all times and in all places, in relation to the person who currently occupies the White House in Washington, DC.
We hope that History will record the nickname of “Obama The Liar“. Hereafter, whenever I do a post that mentions that person, he will forever be known on this blog as OTL, Obama the Liar. He has, from the day he began his campaign for president, lied continuously about what effects his policies will have on the US economy, and on the majority of the American People who are not his campaign donors. Lies too numerous to catalog have resulted in a stagnating economy, high unemployment even after the Great Recession supposedly ended; whole industries trashed (corporate jet-builders, coal miners and coal-fired power plants); and literally MILLIONS of Americans losing their health plans. He will now just be OTL on this blog.
See below for a more-comprehensive list of OTL’s Lies:

Thank-you to Activist Post for the above.

Everyone, you MUST read this article!

If you live in the United States of America, this is relevant to you, even if you are not an Obama Voter. Your Liberty is going down the drain, and if you value your Liberty, you should wake up and smell the toxic fumes emanating from Washington DC.
If this ObamaCare law is not repealed, your life will hereby be run out of Washington DC. Literally, and absolutely. Oh, and by the way, the Senators and Congressmen in DC have exempted THEMSELVES from the destructive effects of the law that the DEMOCRATS wrote and passed with not ONE Republican vote. Please give credit where it is due.

I would just love to hear your thoughts on Dave’s excellent article.

“Smart” Grid??

The above link is to an article at the Electronic Products Web site. The article posits that the most important little-acknowledged problem with “smart” electrical grids (where the electric company installs a special meter at your house that they can monitor 24/7 and keep you informed of your ongoing electricity usage, and try to get you to use less), is the problem of Security. Your electric company monitors your electricity usage over the Web, possibly exposing you to hackers and viruses.

I admit that’s a problem, but I don’t think that is the biggest problem with so-called “smart” grids. The biggest problem with “smart” grids is the problem of Liberty. If your electric company installs a “smart” meter on your house, not only does it allow the electric company to constantly monitor your usage of power, it also allows them to CONTROL your electricity from their offices. No one is actually doing that now, but the capability is there, and that scares me. Say you have a rock band which practices in your basement. Say that rock band uses powerful electrified instruments and speakers. What happens when the all-powerful Electric Company (ooh, Pun Alert!) decides that you are using too much electricity, and they cut your power, or reduce it? What happens when the Electric Company simply decides that you are keeping your home too warm in the winter? Do they remotely turn down your thermostat to prevent you from using too much power? Sounds farfetched, doesn’t it?

In my opinion, NOBODY controls how I heat my home but ME. It worries me that, some time in the future, someone else might have the ability to control my surroundings, probably someone who knows nothing about me and how I choose to live, and doesn’t much care either. Their prime directive is reducing your Liberty, forcing you to live in your own home the way They deem you should live. Not where I come from!

This Land is Your Land

Along with the header picture, here are more photos I took on a trip to the Southwest. These dramatic pictures were all taken in or near National Parks.
Don’t ever forget that these are YOUR lands, maintained with your taxpayer money. They do not belong to The Government, they belong to You.
You can find more pictures on the “My Pictures” page of my blog.

"Natural Bridge", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
“Natural Bridge”, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Vermillion Cliffs, Northern Arizona
Vermillion Cliffs, Northern Arizona

View from Rainbow Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.
View from Rainbow Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Cliff, Zion National Park, Utah.  Shows the many layers of rock composed of sand from a warmer time millions of years ago
Cliff, Zion National Park, Utah. Shows the many layers of rock composed of sand from a warmer time millions of years ago
Cliff, with signs of an arch forming.  Zion National Park, Utah.
Cliff, with signs of an arch forming. Zion National Park, Utah.