“Smart” Grid??


The above link is to an article at the Electronic Products Web site. The article posits that the most important little-acknowledged problem with “smart” electrical grids (where the electric company installs a special meter at your house that they can monitor 24/7 and keep you informed of your ongoing electricity usage, and try to get you to use less), is the problem of Security. Your electric company monitors your electricity usage over the Web, possibly exposing you to hackers and viruses.

I admit that’s a problem, but I don’t think that is the biggest problem with so-called “smart” grids. The biggest problem with “smart” grids is the problem of Liberty. If your electric company installs a “smart” meter on your house, not only does it allow the electric company to constantly monitor your usage of power, it also allows them to CONTROL your electricity from their offices. No one is actually doing that now, but the capability is there, and that scares me. Say you have a rock band which practices in your basement. Say that rock band uses powerful electrified instruments and speakers. What happens when the all-powerful Electric Company (ooh, Pun Alert!) decides that you are using too much electricity, and they cut your power, or reduce it? What happens when the Electric Company simply decides that you are keeping your home too warm in the winter? Do they remotely turn down your thermostat to prevent you from using too much power? Sounds farfetched, doesn’t it?

In my opinion, NOBODY controls how I heat my home but ME. It worries me that, some time in the future, someone else might have the ability to control my surroundings, probably someone who knows nothing about me and how I choose to live, and doesn’t much care either. Their prime directive is reducing your Liberty, forcing you to live in your own home the way They deem you should live. Not where I come from!

3 thoughts on ““Smart” Grid??

  1. Kay Ohana

    What if it went the other way and they thought I wasn’t using enough electricity to help pay for other people, you know, even it out. Like Obamacare. Kay Ohana

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