Thanksgiving, 2013

Rush Revere

Besides the usual things I have to be thankful for this year, you may add the above. Rush Limbaugh, my hero, has written a book for young people (first of a series), to show them the truth about the founding of America. Since the 1970’s, public education in the United States has been basically Liberal Indoctrination, teaching our children that the people who founded this great nation were evil, white, rich people who destroyed the gentle, cultured, peaceful Native American tribes in their effort to enslave everyone else already living here. “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” tells the real story of the people who founded Plymouth Colony, and the story of the true “first Thanksgiving”. Please note that the original colonists tried socialism first, and it failed miserably, like it always does.

As you sit down to your turkey dinner on Thursday, keep in mind that you are among the most fortunate people on our planet, living in this most extraordinary country, founded on an IDEA of human Liberty. And you and your ancestors did NOT lie, cheat, steal, or murder your way here, and you should not in any way feel guilty or ashamed to be an American. Both of my grandfathers were born in Russia in the 19th Century, and their people were persecuted, subjected to brutal pogroms, and murdered in the gas chambers of the Holocaust. They came to America seeking a better life, and they found it. On their own labor, they found it, they earned it, and they passed this better life on to their children and grandchildren. Give thanks every day for the brave men and women who made this country the most prosperous, the most free, and the most generous nation in the entire history of mankind.

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