Reaching out to my followers…Obamacare stories?

Hello, everyone-
It’s my impression that many of you are young people. I have been reading over the past couple of weeks of sticker-shock experiences of many who are trying to sign up for health coverage (it’s no longer insurance, since it is mandated to cover routine expenses) on the new Obamacare exchanges; or are having their former individual policies cancelled by the carriers and replaced by higher-cost policies that cover more Obamacare-mandated services. [how many of you guys need maternity care or contraception?]
I would be honored if any of you who have had experiences with the exchanges or your own individual carriers would tell your stories here on my blog. I’d like the wider world to hear the truth about the effects the new health-care takeover by the federal government is having on American citizens. If you or people you know have been affected by Obamacare, let me know!
Thank you all very kindly.

2 thoughts on “Reaching out to my followers…Obamacare stories?

  1. I belong to an artists’ group here in PA, just went to a meeting tonight. At the end, most of our dozen or so members had left, but two friends and I stayed & talked. My good friend G., who is 60 and has been freelancing for about 5 years since being laid off his marketing agency job, said he’d just gotten the letter from Blue Cross saying his policy was cancelled. It was cancelled because it did not have a prescription plan – he has a separate prescription plan thru Walgreens, and it all had served him well for years; but no, now he had to have a policy that INCLUDED a drug plan. He said Blue Cross said they had other similar plans to offer, which were approved by Obamacare: the premiums, which had been about $350 a month, would be $700/month under the new plans. Or he could get one a bit cheaper, but the deductible would be $10,000. He is not an angry man, but he very pointedly said that it was directly a result of Obamacare that his policy got cancelled. I think he said this for the benefit of my other friend, who is a wonderful, kind person, and I think a Democrat.

    1. Thanks very much for this. Multiple people have posted on Ricochet about the number of people whose individual policies have been cancelled and replaced with much-more-expensive ones. Very interesting story in today’s Seattle Times, too.

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