…and the straitjacket tightens…

They are coming for your liberty, and they have been doing it gradually for years (think CAFE standards for cars). But the little liberties that are disappearing are hitting closer to home for everyone. I’ve chronicled many below-feel free to add more that I might have missed.
They came for your toilet. Since 1.6 gallons is the most they’ll let you use to flush at one time, sometimes you need three flushes for complete hygiene. How efficient!
They came for your incandescent light bulbs: 100watt going in 2012, 75watt gone in 2013, 60watt going in 2014. They FORCE you to find more-expensive bulbs to light your world (nothing is as cheap or available as the ordinary incandescent light bulb), with the more-expensive electricity they are FORCING your utility to purchase from “renewable” sources.  And don’t forget the toxic mercury in the CFL bulbs they are promoting, requiring a hazmat team for cleanup if you should happen to break one.
They came for your laundry detergent. In 2009, phosphates were removed, by government decree, and now you cannot get your clothes clean.
They came for your dishwasher detergent in 2010, same as laundry detergent.
They came for your top-loading clothes washer. Energy-efficiency standards dictate that you cannot use enough water to get the dirt out. So no more whiter-than-white shirts-light gray will have to do.
They came for your plastic grocery bags. More and more cities and towns are banning the use of plastic for grocery bags (that has happened recently in my area-Seattle and Mukilteo are banning plastic bags). They don’t care that you re-use those bags to pick up after your dog or line wastebaskets at home. Plastic is EVIL, so they ban it.
They came for your family-hauler motor vehicle. New, higher fuel-efficiency standards mean it’s no longer economical for the auto-makers to build SUV’s or minivans. You’re going to have to haul your 3 kids and their gear in three Honda FIT’s instead of one Odyssey. Also, they think that large families are bad and use up too many resources, so they’ll make it as hard for you as they can.

They are coming for your health care.  Starting next year, your choices for health insurance will be reduced, as the government mandates coverage your employer must offer or pay a penalty.  Health insurance companies, forced to take all comers at the same rates, and forbidden to “discriminate” on the basis of sex in rates, will gradually go out of business (no way to make a profit any more).  Which leads them to the conclusion that the best health care system is what they’ve always wanted in the first place, Single Payer, Government-controlled health care.

They are coming for your 401(k).  Obama has declared that no one needs over a couple of million dollars in their retirement accounts, so they are contemplating reducing the amount of money you can shield from income taxation in a retirement account.

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