Spam Comments

It’s sometimes fun to read the Spam comments that show up in your Spam folder.  Lately, most of the junk in that folder seems to have mostly Chinese lettering.  If you really read the messages, some of the spammers use totally unrelated words to make gibberish sentences.  This is to attract search engines, but don’t you think Google knows to reject that stuff? And don’t the spammers know that most of us recipients are too smart to respond to any of their garbage?  And I’ve noticed that the Gmail addresses in the messages are mostly gibberish too, like   Wouldn’t it be easy for Google to simply not accept an email address of nonsense?  How much spam would that prevent?  Probably lots!

2 thoughts on “Spam Comments

  1. Your daughter is absolutely lovely!And I’m lucky at this end as well: my husand maintains the computers and cooks befaliuutly. And today he vacuumed the whole house. Woo hoo.

  2. Ha ha! Did you see the 'Anne' signal I shot into the sky — a la Batman? I guess so :)Anyway, thanks for adding your thoughts, Anne. I really like the sounds of the Atelier games, so I guess I'll have to try them sometime soon…

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