Sorry, but a Downer on Mother’s Day

At least, it made me very angry, and a bit sad.  The Seattle Times, in today’s Sunday Pacific section, had their Spring Home section, which looks at local homes, and how their owners have built or remodeled them to make the stand out.  Well, the Times, being the Politically Correct Liberals that they are, showed a home remodeled and lived-in by a homosexual male couple, with “their” son ( which is not true, since homosexual males cannot reproduce).  How perfect, on Mother’s Day, to show a little boy who is doomed to grow up without a mother!  What will that child do for Mother’s Day?  And how will the two men who raise him explain to him his lack of a Mother?  Personally, I believe that homosexuals of either sex should not be having or raising children (except for possibly adopting older children who would have little chance of being adopted otherwise).  In my opinion, EVERY child deserves both a Mother and a Father.  It’s sad that these two homosexual men are deliberately denying this little boy a Mother.

3 thoughts on “Sorry, but a Downer on Mother’s Day

  1. Placing the desires of the couple over the good of the kid. 😦

    Wonder if he was made to order or just adopted…..

    (I grew up with the kids of lesbian couples– usually one brought them from her prior divorce. The guys were pretty messed up even in high school, even compared to other ugly divorces.)

  2. Well, the child looked like 1-2 years old, white like the men. Could have been adopted, but I’m thinking that a child like that would have found heterosexual adoptive parents. Of course, the article was about the house, not the owners. Still, on Mother’s Day?

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